Black furniture in the living room interior: photos and how to combine

Black furniture in the living room interior: photos and how to combine

The black color of the furniture in the living room interior sets offthe design of the room, sets certain limits, forms a deep image and absorbs light. The use of black furniture should not make the room gloomy and dull, so black is better to decorate spacious rooms. The content of the article:

The rules for creating a stylish interior black

The uniqueness of black color lies in itscombined with almost any background. Competent combination of black furniture, lighting, accessories and the chosen style of decoration will help highlight the dignity of the interior and hide flaws. Furniture form

  • First of all, black furniture should have an unusual shape. Welcome smooth bends, thread, holes, the possibility of transformation.
  • For original furniture requires an appropriate background. The best choice is white. This is the traditional version, typical of minimalism or Scandinavian style.
  • To bring liveliness to the black and white range, unusual bright accessories are used. However, neutral shades are quite acceptable, for example, metallic silver or beige color scheme.
  • Monochrome decor Spacious area andNatural lighting allows the use of monochromatic design for walls, ceiling and floor. If you paint the walls in gray tone, you can focus on the decoration of furniture. In order to not feel psychological discomfort in a room done in gray-black shades, it is advisable not to clutter the room with diverse elements. Bright Color Contrasting Black FurnitureYou can use bright compositions and cheerful shades. Slightly muted yellow or green color will fit perfectly into the interior with black furniture, giving it sophistication and uniqueness. The game of shades If you paint the walls in one color,but of varying degrees of intensity, you get a consistent style. This design technique allows you to visually divide the space into several functional areas.

    Proper selection of lighting

    Properly selected lighting can solvemany stylistic tasks and transform space. From the choice of lighting depends on the direction of light, its intensity and the creation of a general image of the room.

    • If black furniture is lacquered, it is better to use a bright directional light that will give depth and will sparkle.
    • The matte surface of the furniture will acquire a special texture in diffused lighting.

    LED strip beautifully highlight the dark furniture and give the interior a refined sophistication.

    Accessories for black furniture

    When choosing textile accessories in the interior with black furniture, it is important to consider not only their shade, but also the texture.

    • Silk fabrics will make the atmosphere more comfortable and soft.
    • Velvet gives presentable and aristocratic chic.
    • Leather products will bring a brutal touch to the interior. For the interior with dark furniture suitable decoration paintings. Stylish look will be a picture in black and white.

    With proper interior decoration black furniturewill strengthen the created image and emphasize the advantages of the game of contrasts. The main thing to remember is that graceful objects of arrangement are better than massive structures.