Bolero crochet for girls, 13 models with description and crochet patterns

Bolero crochet for girls, 13 models with description and crochet patterns

What do all girls like in the world? Dress up. In fairy-tale characters, in the heroes of your favorite cartoons, in the invented princesses. And not only when they play. A small beauty can refuse to go to a kindergarten, because she did not like the outfit prepared by her mother.

crochet, the same garment of a young fashionista, withwith which all caprices are extinguished. Moreover, if he was bound by his mother, who knows the nature and preferences of his daughter. Clothing for all occasions - in feast and in the world. A short short blouse, the length of a maximum to the waist, and more often even shorter - the clothes are universal. One and the same thing can be dressed and with a dress, and with jeans, and with a skirt. She is good and with a topic, and with a turtleneck, and with a thin jumper. Bolero adorns, warms, creates an image. Hook it can be linked:

  • with any sleeves: long, short, three quarters; without sleeves;
  • with a fastener for one button, for a few, with a knotted bow at the neck, without fastening;
  • like a small jacket, like a scarf with sleeves;
  • solid diners or thick sheets;
  • colored or monophonic.

Several different models, crocheted,expand the possibilities of using the girl's outfits. Bolero for a small asterisk - how to choose Before choosing a model you need to decide: - Which bolero to tie a child? Thick warm? An elegant fishnet? For universal mini-blouse and color is chosen universal. For blouse-jewelry, flickering yarn is picked up or beads and beads are tied. I take yarn soft, tender, not causing allergies. Bolero crochet simple, the thing is small. Beginners knitters choose models easier, experienced - more difficult. The main thing is that the model-itase allows you to take off your standards. A small blouse is present in the wardrobe of all the stars. Bolero will not be superfluous in the wardrobe of a young beauty - pre-school girls, teenage girls, graduate girls.

We knit bolero with our readers

We present a selection of models crocheted by our readers. Bolero crocheted for girls, master class! Bolero crocheted for girls, master class! Author's work of Efimia Andreevsky. Size is 6 years. It is connected from cotton threads with a thickness of 170 m to 50 g. (it took about 100 gr.), the hook number 1. For the flower and buds Romanian cotton threads "Romana" were used, and for binding the "Tulyp" thread. Bolero consists of 2 round motifs connected by a needle. Click on the link for the full text of the master class Bolero and sarafan for the girl - Lucy's work Bolero and sarafan for the girl - Lucy's work Strawberry mood! Here is a summer and a bright set contacted. The set consists of 4 subjects: sarafan, bolero, hat, handbag. The yarn for knitting used 100% cotton. Some schemes to the set The dress and bolero for the girl crochet The work of Tatyana Shevchenko. All welcome, I want to boast one more of my work for the daughter. The first skirt is the top of the dress, and the second one is a bottom. The third scheme is bolero. Everything took 250 g of green and 250 g of white thread. Hook 1.25. Bolero knitting pattern for girls Pattern is for an adult! Tatiana knitted this bolero scheme for the girl. Bolero for a girl in the technique of Irish crochet crochet Bolero for the girl. The work of Lyudmila Maksyutova Bolero for granddaughter, for a girl of ten years. The work is done in the style of Irish lace. Threads for elements Egitto perlato 8, / 50g 212 m /, for mesh-Yarn Art canarias / 20g 203m /, and thread for bourdon Alize. The work of Lyudmila Maksyutova. Knitted crochet crochet set (bolero, dress, panama) A set of "Camomiles". Author's work. Dress, bolero and panama for a girl 3-4 years old. In the work I used "Olivia" threads 100% cotton in 100 grams 900 m, hook 1 mm. It took 2.5 skeins (dress-130g, bolero-60g, panama-40g.) Camomile knitted as follows: has typed 4 air loops (vp) and fixed in a circle. 1st row-8 columns without crochet (st.b / n) 2nd row-2 st.b / n in each column of the previous row 3rd row- * petal (7th c., 3 lifting loops, in 4 -th air loop from the edge-column with a crochet (st.s / n), in the 5th-6th-7th centigrade for 1 st.s / n, in the 8th-9th vp-semicolb with a crochet, in the 10th c.p. - st.b / n), skip the first loop of the previous row, fix the petal with a half-tumbler without the crochet in the next *, continue repeating * ... * 7 more times. Binding the bottom of boleros and dresses 1-2, 4-5,8-9th, 11th-12th row-columns with the crochet of the 3rd and 10th row- * 3 st.s / n + above the three columns of the previous row of 3v.p *, repeat * .. * 6 -th row - * skip 2 loops of the previous row in the 3rd -3 of the column with two nakidami with a common base *, repeat * .. * 7th row - * 2 air loops + over three posts with two capes we knit three columns with two capes with a common vertex *, repeat * ... * Knitted bolero for girls Knitted bolero for girls Effective bolero Zoe Leporskoy is not difficult at allbut how much joy can be delivered to their daughters. Bolero size: 110-116. Description of the bolero knitting: The model is crocheted. You will need: 150 g of yarn (100% cotton, 440 mm 100 g) white; hook Bolero number for a girl crocheted, the work of Lyudmila Maksyutova Bolero for a girl crocheted, the work of Lyudmila Maksyutova Bolero for a girl of three years in Irish stylelace. Threads-Turkish cotton, for motifs; for mesh-thread canaries of different colors. Hooks 0.9 for motifs; 0.75 for the grid. I used about 200 grams of thread. Bolero knitting patterns: Openwork bolero for a girl - Marina's work Openwork bolero for a girl - the work of Marina Light, lacy, openwork cape, bolero isA great addition to anyone along. The lace bolero is tied with the finest 100% cotton from the pelikan yarn. It took 1.5 hops (330 meters in 50 grams). In the photo, the bolero was associated Bolero for the girl crocheted by a pattern of "scales" Skirt with ruffles and bolero pattern "scales". Yarnart Jeans Yarn, composition: 55% cotton, 45% polyacryl. Approximate consumption: color turquoise (55) - 2 coils and white (01) - 5 coils. The skirt began to knit from the coquette, across. The work of Anna Kasyanova. Scheme pattern for scales for bolero Crochet hook for girls Dimensions: a) 2 years - b) 4 years - c) 6 years - d) 8/10 years - e) 12/14 years. Threads PHIL OPERA (50 g / 156 m.) Color KAKI 3 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 7 coils. Composition: 100% Cotton. Hook No. 3.5; 3 buttons diam. 15 mm. How to Crochet a Bolero Bolero for a girl crocheted from a Chinese magazine Schemes of bolero:

Bolero crochet for girls video

Bolero is associated for the girl from the thread Alize Diva100% microfiber crochet № 3. Knitting starts from the back. Bolero Jasmina crocheted Bolero size for a girl 2-3-4 years. Yarn Alize Diva, 350m / 100g, 100% microfiber. Hook # 2, it took only 120 grams. But it all depends on the size.