Bookmark the heart with your own hands made of paper and felt

Bookmark the heart with your own hands made of paper and felt

On the eve of Valentine's Day is not worth itforget that we want every day to love and be loved, regardless of the date on the calendar. And small, pleasant and unexpected surprises at any time of everyday days will bring much more joy than an expensive gift only on the holiday of all lovers. Therefore, if you want to express your tenderness and warmth to a loved one - do not wait on February 14, do it right now! We offer two simple master classes: how to bookmark the heart with your own hands from different materials.

Bookmark the heart - origami of paper

You can easily make this bookmark in just five minutes. It will only be imperceptibly to bookmark the book of a loved one - and an unexpected gift will cause a lot of pleasant emotions. bookmark heart of your own hands Prepare a square sheet of paper, concentrate and follow the instructions in the photo below (side A - front, side B - reverse): bookmark heart of origami On the finished heart, write a gentle admission that will warm the heart every time your second half will read the book. bookmarks in the form of a heart of paper with your own hands

Bookmark heart of felt with own hands

If the origami technique does not inspire you, thenthe second variant of bookmarking the heart involves the use of felt, thread and needle. Cut out two hearts from felt, you can have different colors. It is assumed that the heart will be used as a bookmark for the corner of the book, which means that the bottom corner of the heart should be straight, that is 90 °. If desired, you can embroider something on each half, decorate with thin buttons, laces or ribbons. Then sew the halves of the heart around the corner so that you get a pocket. bookmark heart made of felt