Boots rabbits: Knitting with knitting needles for kids according to the master class

Boots rabbits: Knitting with knitting needles for kids according to the master class


If the child does not like to do something, there is onlyOne way to change the situation is to turn it into a game. Not all babies like to dress, but if the clothes will remind a funny toy, then the process will become much more pleasant. I bring to your attention a master class that will help to link very cute booties "Bunnies" made with knitting needles. Even the most capricious child will wear them with pleasure!

The course of knitting pinets

The master class was prepared by Ekaterina Kuryleva.
To knit booties bunnies knitting needles, weNeed a yarn of two contrasting colors. For girls, pink and white are suitable, for boys blue and light gray. The composition of yarn should be chosen based on the season. For the summer and spring cotton, viscose or silk will suit. For the cold season, wool, acrylic, mohair kide. In our case, the composition of the yarn is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, it is soft, hypoallergenic and very warm. Also, you will need a set of stocking knitting needles that fit in size to the yarn.

Knit Pins The length of the stack of these pinsIs 13 cm. You are guided by the length of the child's legs for which you are knitting. If possible, try on while knitting, or find out the exact size of the leg, if you are knitting on order. Legend, which will occur in the description of knitting cute bunnies:

  • Row-P;
  • Loop - P;
  • Facial loop - LP;
  • The back loop - IP;
  • Spoke - joint venture.

This master class does not contain a schema, it's justFollow the descriptions. We begin work with the soles of the "bunnies". We knit the yarn of the main color. We type on the spokes five loops. 1P - all LP. In the second P we add. To do this, from the second and fourth П we untype two P. First enter the SP on the front wall, pull out the loop, and again insert the spoke into the same P, just behind the back wall. The remaining P knit IP.

Now there are seven pcs. 3P-LP on the spoke. 4P - see. second row. It turned out 9 P. SP - LP. 6P - see the second row. At the joint venture was 11 P. 7P-19R - we knit the facial smoothness without additions. 20P - see the second ryadochek. We make two additions, on the SP it turned out 13 P. 21R-29R - the facial smooth surface. 30P - we bind the first and second P together IP, further all the loops of the IP, the penultimate and last P together IP. 31P - LP. 32P - see 30 P. 33P - LP. Further, in each even P we do a decrease at the beginning and at the end of P, and even P we bind the LP, until there are 5P left on the SP.

Close the hinges. The sole of the "bunnies" is ready!

We pass on a yarn of other color and we knit"Denticles". We select on the sides of the soles of 16 P, on the toe 6, and 8 P on the heel. 1P - all PI. We knit from the inside of the booties. 2P - two П together ИП, further we make накид, again two together ИП and so on each joint venture. This simple scheme, thanks to which later on our booties will get "denticles". 3P-4R - IP. From the front side of the product we attach the thread of the main color and knit 5 R-in.

We proceed to the formation of the bootie's toe. We will work on a joint venture with five loops. We send all P from the spokes of the LP, we change the fifth loop to the neighbor of the joint venture and put the first P on the one that we just changed. The resulting P is returned back. Next Р we knit the IP, and with the last П we do the same thing as in the previous P. Thus, the loops on the sides are reduced. Continue to decrease until there are 6 and 7 P. on the side spokes.

Two rows povyazhim IP. We work on the inside of the canvas. Now, let's link the five rows with the 1x1 rubber band. Five rows of LP. A number of all LP. Five more rows of LP. We pass on a yarn of other color: Р - ЛП, Р - ИП, Р - ЛП, Р - ИП (only four lines).

The yarn of the main color is two RL. Again we change the thread: Р - ЛП, Р - ИП, Р - ЛП, Р - ИП. Close the hinges and make a lapel.

Now we need to sew "denticles". Turn the booties inside out and use the needle to sew the upper seams with the bottom seams, as shown in the photo.

That's what happened from our "bunnies".

We knit ears for bunnies. Let's go to knitting ears. It is because of this element booties are called "Bunnies". We will type on the SP a yarn of an additional color 18 P. 1Р - ИП. 2Р-5Р - we change yarn, facial smoothness. 6Р-7Р - we change a curl, a facial smooth surface, we close loops. The billet is ready.

Fold the strip in half and sew with a needle. Now add this way, as shown in the photo and stitching inside.
By the same principle, we make the second ear and sew it to the booties. A thread of contrasting color can embroider a spout, and you can sew or embroider eyes. Booties "Bunnies" made with knitting needles!

Video tutorial on knitting pinets

About how to knit such booties bunnies, you can find out by watching a video master class on the channel "Happy Rukudelnitsa". The video consists of three parts, look carefully at all. Good luck!

Photo of an example of knitting pinets