Booties on two spokes: step master class in the photo and video

Booties on two spokes: step master class in the photo and video


Any mom once in my life tried to knit booties. For those who are only going to learn it, we can offer a few fairly simple circuits for knitting.

Booties on two spokes: the method №1

Master class begins with a set of spokes on 38p. First, you need to knit elastic 2 * 2 - only 4 p. Thus, we got a small cuff. If you want to make them a little later, or run a small bend, just knit a few rows.
Central loop is removed, the second knit as the front. Thereafter provyazyvaem 1st loop. As a result, should get some sort of flagellum. We continue knitting 10 p.
Note the toe - 10p. (4 p. + 2n. Flagellum + 4s.). toe need to perform soles. She performed some facial. Edges do not do. Before proceeding to the next row, you have to circle around the last thread loop. Now you must create the heel. Video of this process can always be found on our website. The remaining loops remove and wear on needle, turn one heel, one with the wall. Provyazyvaem them together. Rear seam do the remaining thread.

Booties with teeth: a way №2

Beautiful booties on two spokes can bindeven inexperienced mistress. It is for beginners needlewomen we offer the most simple scheme. Pinetochki are bi-colored. We must decide which color is used as the core. It was with him starting work.

For sole recruit 33p. 17P. - Central, it should be noted. Regarding it will be located nakida:

  • 1p, 2p - knitting facial loops;
  • 3p - 1Kr, 1Nk, hereinafter - the LP to the center before and after that make for 1Nk further - PL, before the last edge again 1Nk;
  • 4p - all PL.

After 4p 37p should be on the needles. It is necessary to link more 8p under this scheme. Again, we count the number of loops - now there should be 45 pcs. Decorate sole teeth. To do this, take the thread of a different color. 9-12r - used knitting hosiery (front side - LP, wrong side - SP). 13P - 1 Cr. 2PI together Hk 1, 2 LP together 1 HK etc. The number nakida and the number of loops knit together must be the same. Several ends 1 Hk, 1LP, 1 Cr. 14P - all PIs. Their total number is 45 units. 15-16r - hosiery knitting.
On the underside of the strip turned white stitches.

17p - 1 Cr. 1 pt shooting. Right needle picks up the first white stitch on the wrong side, toss him, + another loop on the left needle. On the right will be only for edges. Now we have to link 2 and loop stitch together as the front. We pass this method over the entire length of the web. The wizard will work for a few minutes. Since teeth adorn almost all the booties, they should learn the technique of execution. Just class, if you get the first time. If just does not work, do not worry, the video of this process is easy to find on the Internet.

Such are the teeth should turn.

18-19r ​​- gum 1 * 1. 20p - can be used for knitting scheme corn or gum 1 * 1. 21,23,25r - gum 1 * 1. 22,24,26r - just as you knit 20p. 27R - again cloves under the scheme referred to above. This is the second row of teeth.
as well as the heel. All 45p divide into 3 equal parts. Right and left 15P's leave, and average again divide by 3, that is obtained by 5n.

For starters, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. Understand help video.
We continue to knit booties on our two spokes. 20 PL (including an edge), 1LP, 1IP, 1LP, 1IP, 2PI together. Overturn the product. 1IP in the previous one, the previous SP 1, SP 2 together. Thus, it is necessary to link as many rows as there will be the spoke 5 para.

Queue to make the holes for the laces. Master, of course, knows how to do it. The scheme is simple - 2irn together 1Nk.i way along the length of the entire series. Finish garter stitch - just 8p.
Go to the minor color. It remains to link another - third - the number of teeth. At this point, the spokes - 35P.
Upper class - make the product so that the seam is notwas seen. Practice, for beginners masters is a pretty difficult task. Making bells. In a small box pulls the thread, remove it and connect in the middle. Cut the turns and get merry bell.

Booties: fashion №3

Very light scheme specifically for beginners handy people. These pinetochki dimensionless. The main thing in this scheme - to carry out the lower part of the semi-products English or
And the top - in any pattern. In finished form they just class!
Next tip is performed and the British band.
Gaining 41-45p on the spokes. The first 4 cm - gum 1 * 1. In mid-9s to select a rectangle and execute the garter stitch. 1-2r - gum 1 * 1. The following 14P - a semi-English rezinochkoy. More 6-7r - as 1-2r. Putting tabs and tightens them.
Booties can be finished patterns and embroidery. It always looks elegant and impressive.

Typically, they decorate them with bells of different colors. It is possible with the help of needles to embroider beautiful pattern on the sides. But make sure that the threads are not too thick and not legs rubbed baby. The main thing - that they were comfortable and warm. Choose bootees for drawings that do not have large holes and bumps. These socks will not be comfortable or natrut legs baby.

Video: Learn to knit for baby pinetochki

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