Booties with knitting needles for newborns different ways of knitting

Booties with knitting needles for newborns different ways of knitting


Baby booties are considered the first footwear of newborns. They not only warm the legs of children in cold weather, but also protect them from mechanical damage. Beginning needlewomen, and in combination young mothers, necessarily want to tie booties for the newborn. Knitting patterns, like the sequence of work, are very simple, so you should not have any complications in this regard. In this article, you will learn how to bind booties with spokes for newborns in various ways with a description.

Master class for beginners

Before starting work, please contact theResponsibility to the choice of yarn. It should be made of high-quality and non-sparse material with optimal thread thickness. Basically, for newborns, they acquire threads with acrylic and with the addition of wool. The choice of yarn color is strictly individual for each mother. It so happened that for girls choose all shades of pink, red and purple, and for the boy use blue, blue and turquoise tones. The neutral color that is suitable for all is white, shades of yellow with beige and of course green.

Now you need to determine the size of booties. In this case, you can use the average size of the foot. Approximately, it will be six or seven centimeters, which means that you need twenty-eight buttonholes plus two edges, which are typed into two spokes. The first thing you need to tie a rubber band two by two, in the number of twenty rows. In this case there is one nuance, the first edge in a row is not tied, but the latter is executed by the back. This is done in order to get beautiful and smooth edges, which during sewing will be almost imperceptible.
The master class for beginners continues. These booties for newborns will have cuffs, which should be wrapped. But, if you want to make just a small rubber band, then make it the necessary length. Instead of gum, use another vending pattern, for example according to the scheme that will be presented in the article.

We knit further. Go to the twenty-first row, make it holes for the lace or ribbon. If you follow the picture, then tie two facial, and then two purl together with one eyelet and make one more nakid.
In the twenty-third strip, select ten central buttonholes and start forming the top of the booties, that is, you only need to knit it. You need to knit twelve rivers. Facial smoothness.

The next stage is work on the side partsAnd toe, but only after you finally finish knitting the top of the booties. Type open knitting needles together with edging on the knitting needle. You should have forty links plus two marginal ones. Next, we knit a smooth surface in the number of fourteen rows and close the hinges. You can say that booties for the newborn are almost fulfilled. You just have to sew the product back with a knitted suture. The second pair is knitted in a similar way.
This simple master class for beginnersShowed you how to simply tie booties for newborns. In the last place, you will only have to decorate the created product. Tie a crocheted string of yarn of contrasting color, and make the nodules along the edges. Then insert it into the holes that were specially made during the work process. Thanks to such a lace, booties do not slip off the legs of the newborn. We suggest you see the video material, which shows a master class knitting on two spokes with a description.

Video: We learn to knit booties for newborns

Boots without a seam

Such wonderful and cozy
Very quickly due to the fact that they do not provide stitches. The rectangular outsole will also significantly reduce the time for calculating increments and deductions. This model of children's shoes is the most wonderful choice.
Prepare 50 gr. Yarn from cotton and wool, as well as stocking knitting needles under number 3. First of all, cuffs fit. To do this, dial thirty-two links and distribute them in an equal number of four spokes, that is, eight pieces for each. Then close the circle. From the first to the twelfth row, perform only the purl loops. Starting with the thirteenth, knit two joint facial, and then a cape. In the fourteenth p. Do only one person. P.
After that, you need to distribute the loops soWay: on the first and third spokes there will be seven links, and the other two for nine pieces. Next we knit the toe of the booties only on the first two spokes.

From the 15th to the 30th rows, make the binding with the front face,And make the last loop edge. Do not forget to turn the product after each strip. To make a side, raise the outer walls of the edge of the sides of the toe cap with the knitting needles and continue to work with the eyelets of the other two tools. From 31 to 38 r. Some others. Etc. After that, you will remain the very last part of the product - this is the sole.
From 39 r. Knit one person. P. To form the sole, use three knitting needles. Do the buttonholes of the toes simultaneously with the hinges of the rim. Reduce the links you need to perform until the moment you have no buttonhole left. Then close all the remaining links in any way that you know.
As in the previous lesson, tie a crocheted lace,Length of fifty centimeters and pass it under the cuff. Use for variety a few colors of yarn so that booties look bright and beautiful. Look at the video, which shows in detail how to carry booties without a seam.

Video: Seamless booties for newborns