Boots without seams with knitting needles: how to properly connect them according to the scheme

Boots without seams with knitting needles: how to properly connect them according to the scheme


Boots - one of the first kinds of clothes thatMummies knit for their crumbs. There are a lot of types of pigs today: in the form of socks or boots, krossovochek or shoes, sneakers or sandals with strapped "straps".
They happen with and without lapels, can look likeLike berries or different animals, complemented with knitted flowers, leaves, buds, ears, eyes, ruches, laces. There are models easier - for beginners, there are - more complex, for experienced craftsmen. By way of execution, booties are distinguished with a seam and seamless. The first variant is knitted on two spokes, the second - on four.

What are the advantages of seamless pinets?

That's right, seamless booties, connected on four spokes, have their undoubted advantages, which beginner knitters may not even suspect:

  • During socks, the joints do not rub the delicate skin on the baby;
  • In models for older children, who are already stamping around the house, the seams will not press and interfere with the movement;
  • In the process of knitting you do not need to worry about,That the place of the seam turns out to be sloppy, because for beginners there is a high risk during stitching to work a little to stretch or, on the contrary, to priposadit - the knitted fabric has such an unpleasant feature - it does not hold as clearly a shape as the warp threads of the fabric. Then the booties will be a little skewed or stitched in the place of the seam. Therefore, for beginners, without the experience of sewing knitted fabrics, it is better to learn the seamless options first (although at first they may seem more complicated);
  • In the process of socks Mom does not need to worry that the seam thread will dissolve, because the seamless models do not.

Note! If you, as a beginning master, after these arguments decide to knit
, Before not doing this, remember thatThere are no such things on the back rows - the process is going on in a circle. Some inconveniences can cause just the absence of the usual mechanism: the turning of the product after each row, and the presence of four spokes in operation. You will get used to this feature quickly enough, special difficulties at work should arise.

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Where to start knitting? Variants here, as they say, not much: either from the sole or from the shin. For beginners, it is better to choose the first option, because it allows you to go to four spokes gradually: the sole is knit in the usual way for them - the set goes on two spokes. And only after this work continues on four.

We knit booties on four spokes

Beginning of knitting We knit from the foot. To begin with, we will type 7 loops (including 2 edges) and we will bind 1 persons. R. - We knit with a smooth face. Next, to expand the foot three times in even numbers after the first and before the last one. We make a crochet which in a. R. We bind people. Crossed so that no holes are formed. The resulting 13 pet. Knit another 26 p. Further from the sides it is necessary to make one more increase and bring the number of p. Up to 46. To give the sole of the form further from both sides in the facial p. We sew 2 pips together until 7 p. Remain. We close them.

Climb: Go to the four spokes Now we need to choose from the edge side chains and the closed loops new so that on the front part where the toe is formed, it turns 12 pet, and on the rest - an even number.

We decorate booties with a jagged edge As thisDecoration, it is better to put into operation a contrasting thread. We send her 1 p., In the next row we alternate 2 persons together. And 1 cape. Then we knit two more circles face and change the thread to the main one. Now we will form denticles. For this it is necessary, when tying the next row, to stick with each loop and that main thread, which was knitted before the beginning of knitting.

For beginners, this may seem complicated. Then you can just sew a border with a needle. Continue - 9 more circles of canvas.
Mysochek is like a heel. We must go to 12 p. For toe. We knit the mousetail according to the principle of the heel: in this work only this part will be, on each side we will add to it one point from the neighboring spokes and knit 2 together (here the underside appears, we knit it) until four spokes There will be no 42 loops (12 of them are a toe).

Shin Next, we knit the boot of our seamlessPints. It can be made both garter stitch, and elastic band, or, for example, the pattern "rice". It is necessary to tie 30-36 circles. Here you can again enter a contrasting thread, making it a pair of stripes, so that it is in harmony with our border.

Further we design seamless booties,Four spokes, this process depends on your taste and skills. For beginners, it will be enough to sew a nice button or pom-poms from the sides, more experienced masters can think of something like ear-peepholes-you get a funny face, tie a rose crochet, or come up with something else, or find ideas on the net.

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