Designer's own handbags

Designer's own handbags


Every year, boots with embroidery are allMore popular and popular, but not everyone knows that such a comfortable winter shoes can be decorated with their own hands without resorting to expensive masters' services. A huge plus is also the fact that felt boots decorated with original painting, exclusive embroidery or fur will never go out of fashion and will warm you even in the coldest winter cold.

We decorate felt boots with satin ribbons

Perhaps, the fastest and easiest way, whichWill allow you to decorate this unusual woolen shoes with your own hands is embroidery with satin ribbons. In order to perform this kind of embroidery you will need:

  • felt boots;
  • Satin ribbons of different colors;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • A needle with a wide eye;
  • spoke;
  • Chalk or ordinary pencil.

We have chosen a bright floral motif to decorate our boots, and you can choose your choice on any drawing or pattern you like.

First you will need to transfer carefullyThe chosen scheme on the bootleg or independently make on it a small sketchy sketch. To do this, you will need a regular chalk, which is then easily removed from the surface.
Please note that in the first placeYou need to embroider large flowers, then buds and only after that you can embark on embroidery of stems, leaves and cores. Since the underside of our product should also be neat, we will have to abandon the transitions with ribbons. Instead, after completing one detail, we need to fix the tape and cut it. To perform the following details, you will again need to fix the ribbon from the wrong side of the product.

When choosing ribbons, pay special attention to the fact,That a ribbon with a width of 3.6 mm can easily pass through this product, but for a wider tape - 12 mm you will have to pick up a small hole with a knitting needle. Separately, I would like to note that embroidery with ribbons can also be combined with embroidery with a cross or a "back needle" seam.
Here are some original and stylish embroidered felt boots we have turned out.

If the drawing you have chosen is not very pleasant for us, we can offer you such wonderful and light schemes that can also be embroidered with colored ribbons on felt boots.



In addition, from belts on boots, you can do soCalled pseudo-lace. To do this, you will need to sew the lacing itself, in front of which you will then pass a ribbon of contrasting color. If you want later, you can tie it to a beautiful bow.

How to embroider a pattern on felt boots

Modern fashionistas have long been accustomed to decorating their ownClothes with different embroidery, probably, that's why in the wardrobe of many girls and women, you can see more often felt boots with embroidery. This seemingly ordinary and ordinary-looking winter footwear is instantly transformed after a beautiful unusual pattern or ornament appears on it.

So, in order to make felt boots with embroidery, you need to prepare all necessary materials and tools in advance:

  • Threads: floss, synthetic, silk, cotton;
  • felt boots;
  • scissors;
  • drawing;
  • A pencil, a chalk or a small remnant;
  • thimble;
  • A thick needle (it is often called "Gypsy").

Valenki in contrast to the usual fabric, whichWe all used to embroider more "thick" and therefore we will need a large needle and a thimble. In addition, it is necessary in advance to check the threads selected for work and make sure that they "do not climb" during the operation of the footwear.
As a rule, they are embroidered on the felt boots with a cross or a smooth, although in some cases the usual stitch is also used. In addition, such embroidery can be decorated with sequins, glass beads or beads.
We proceed directly to work.
First select the drawing you like. Then immovably fix the dense canvas on the felt boots.
It is worth noting that the cross usually embroider smaller details. As a rule, all rows are embroidered in turns, but some needlewomen prefer to embroider in squares.
Greater details are embroidered smoothly, while tryingTo make so that stitches "have laid down" as it is possible more densely to each other. In order for the selected part to become more convex, it is necessary first to embroider it with thick threads, and then, on top of them, to make neat stitches with the threads of the desired colors.
After the end of the work, you will need to slightly wet the canvas and carefully pull out its wet fibers with tweezers.
Here are some wonderful and stylish felt boots, made by themselves, turned out for us.

How to decorate conventional boots with beads

Now we will hold a small master class,Which will tell you about how you can embroider beads with conventional felt boots and turn them into exclusive and bright winter shoes. Before we start working directly, let's prepare everything we need in advance:

  • Conventional felt boots;
  • Beads of different colors;
  • Threads that can be used for basting;
  • Nylon threads;
  • Needle for beads (with a thin eyelet);
  • Glass bead.

We begin work.

First of all, you need to find a suitable pattern or create it yourself. When choosing a pattern, be sure to consider the color of your boots, and the size of the boot, or rather the side of it.
If you are at a loss with the choice of colorsFor embroidery, you can first attach beads and bugles of selected shades to the boots in order to see how they will fit with your shoes.
In addition, you need to pre-select the nylon thread, which in color will coincide with the boots themselves.
Then on the felt boots you will need to do"Overlapping" seam, which will take place directly along the contour of the selected pattern. To do this you will need a thread that will be clearly visible on the felt boots. Thanks to the presence of such a contour, you can easily sew beads on the chosen site.
On black felt bootsYou can draw a pattern with a slick, but on the lighter - no. However, keep in mind that on the felted wool you will not be able to draw a thin, neat contour.
Sew a bit tightly, so thatBetween them there were no gaps. Draw the needle through the wall of the felt, put a bead on it, and then, grabbing a little wool, sew in this way another pair of beads. After that the needle again will need to pierce the bootleg through and through.
After you sew all the beads you will need to fix the thread from the wrong side. Then sewing the bugles with a "through" seam make a contour for your drawing.
At the end of the job, you will only have to remove the "notch" stitches from the product.
Look at the photo, and you will see what an amazing picture it turned out on the boots we have chosen.
As you yourself already probably noticed, createdWith their own hands embroidery can transform almost beyond recognition even such seemingly ordinary and uninteresting shoes as felt boots. Colorful, unusual embroidery on felt boots will allow you to stand out from the crowd and feel yourself a bright personality. Thanks to such shoes, even in winter you will look very stylish and modern.

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