How to visually increase the space of small rooms

How to visually increase the space of small rooms

Urban apartments, as a rule, have verya small area, especially living space with a layout of Soviet times. Therefore, do not neglect the small design tricks that will help visually increase the small rooms of standard apartments. One of the simple but effective ways to expand the space of the room is the correct selection of color accents in the interior of the apartment. The role of color is very important in solving the problem of small space. Use the general white color and any light colors - light blue, light pink, light green, beige, in other words, any pastel palette that does not irritate the eyes. light interior of a small room Avoid dark heavy colors. It is known that cold shades create a visual illusion of some removal of objects, and warm, on the contrary - bring them closer. Of course, a completely bright room may seem boring, so do not be afraid to experiment with bright contrasts. white interior with contrasting colors At the same time, only one wall, its fragment, a piece of furniture or an element of the interior can be spectacular and expressive. The main thing, remember the combination of colors and know the measure. colorful interior of the room If you have chosen a wall-paper for decoration of walls, then you should consider the optical effect that occurs when combining different colors and patterns:

  • wallpaper with a print in the form of vertical stripes will visually make the room higher;
  • A large pattern will narrow the space, as well as colorful wallpaper with a border as a separator;
  • space can move apart a larger picture than on other walls, a pattern on one wall;
  • in a dark room, cover the least illuminated wall with the same wallpaper, but the tone is lighter;

interior of a small room with wallpaper Visually enlarge a small room is possible forfloor account. Here the same rule applies, as in the case of walls: a dark color reduces the space. The longitudinal direction of the floorboards or parquet will stretch out the room. Massive, colorful, covering almost the entire floor carpet will reduce the room, it is better to replace it with a small, monophonic rug of light color. And the area of ​​small kitchens will visually expand the bright glossy tile on the floor. The light reflected in it will fill the kitchen with lightness and airiness. interior of a small living room A great way to create a visual illusion of a high and spacious room is the proper ceiling decor:

  • limit the central part of the ceiling with baguettes or make a gypsum board structure, the groove in which is painted in a darker shade than the rest of the ceiling, which will pull the room up;
  • Use light stretch glossy ceilings with spotlights at the edges;
  • try, for example, in the hallway, lower the ceiling a little, so that guests who come from the hallway into the living room get the impression of a larger space;
  • an extreme, but no-lose option - to attach mirrors to the ceiling, which will accurately create the illusion of infinity;

mirror ceiling in the interior The ceiling in small rooms should be very light, preferably white, and the furniture in the room is not high enough to fill the space at eye level. bright accents in the bright interior of a small room Place the eye-catching object in the corner of the room far from the door, so the sight of the intruders will linger on this subject and they may have a greater sense of perspective. glass furniture in the interior A more airy and free room will makeGlass or mirror tables, doors, and shelves. Spot lights and hidden lighting, reflected in glass surfaces, will create additional glare and lighting. For storage use vertical cabinets and shelves, which also stretch a small room up. Above the dining table, you can hang a decorative chandelier hanging from the ceiling or a lamp to focus on this area of ​​living space and distract from closely located walls. lamp above the dining table The curtains in such small rooms should be made of translucent, lightweight fabric to allow good daylight. The brightness of daylight in a cramped area plays an important role.