Bantik from beads master class of different techniques of weaving (video)

Bantik from beads master class of different techniques of weaving (video)


Such an exciting activity, like beading, allows you to create from tiny beads unique products in the form of flowers, a variety of handicrafts and ornaments.
Bows made of beads, supplemented with special fasteners, can turn into cute hair clips, brooches, earrings or pendants and become an excellent exclusive gift to mom or girlfriend.
We offer you some interesting and simple options for making this decoration.

Master class on weaving bow of beads

First we will prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • Beads of suitable color (it is better to choose Czech);
  • Fishing line;
  • needle;
  • Matches or a lighter (in order to scorch the ends of the line).

To make our bow we will be in the mosaic technique of weaving.
To begin with, you need to thread the base of our weave with a width of 36 beads. Plaited mosaic about 20 rows. (Photo 1 and 2)

Photo 1
Photo 2 The new series must be weaved before reachingMiddle, somewhere 16 beads, then you need to return through the final bead and continue the weaving of this side with mosaic. Each new row is shortened to one bead (photo # 3). As a result, it is necessary to get a workpiece, as in photo # 4. Through the extreme beads stretch the line so that they lock and lie flat (Photo # 5). In the same way do each of the four sides. In the center we will have a narrow part, 4 beads wide (photo # 6).

Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6 Take our central part and startSew, folding it in advance in several folds (photo 7). Next, using a mosaic weave, we make a strip of four beads, so long that it will allow us to "surround" the center of our bow (pics 8-10).

Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11 That's all of us with you made our first bow of beads.

French beaded bow

It is necessary to prepare:

  • Beads of several shades;
  • thread;
  • Needle;
  • scissors.

In the manufacture of this bow we will also be helped by the technique of mosaic weaving.
We put on a string of beads in the amount of 23 pieces and sponge the mosaic (photo №1, №2, №3).
Next, you need to leave one ponytail and continue the mosaic weaving, reducing the beads (photo # 4).
The process of passing the thread can be viewed in photo No. 5. As a result, continuing to weave and decreasing the beads, we get a fragment, as in photo # 6.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6 Next, you need to fix the thread and weave the next side (photo # 7).
We put on a new string 11 beads and a thumbs-up small rhombus by analogy with a large (Photo № 8-9). In total, we need two small and large diamonds.
We proceed to the process of joining the two diamonds with a thread (it will be necessary to go through the bead marked on photo # 10-11). The result we see in photo # 12.

Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10
Photo 11
Photo 12 The next stage will be the joining of the edges of our large diamond (photo №13-14). It is necessary to weave the two halves.
The finished half of the bow is joined in the following way: draw the thread through the beads marked on photo 15 on the front and back sides and tighten them and fasten them.
It remains to make a kind of belt for the bow. For this, string 4 beads and use our mosaic weaving technique (photo # 16). When our belt can grasp our bow, we connect and fasten the thread (photo №17). We admire the result (photo # 18).

Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15
Photo 16
Photo 17
Photo 18 We wish you good luck and creative inspiration for creating new small masterpieces!

Video: mosaic and brick weaving of bows