Box of quilling yourself: a master class crafts in the technique of quilling

Box of quilling yourself: a master class crafts in the technique of quilling

The crafting of the box by the quilling technique Sometimes, inthe head of the real craftsmen comes with the most interesting and unique ideas, which afterwards can be realized in various directions. Crafts in the style of quilling will not be an exception to this list, there are also items with which we can decorate the house, take advantage of their advantages or make a gift for a loved one. The boxing technique is quilling - this is one of those things that you can realize yourself and at the same time, please yourself or others with a new thing in the house. The box will become a reliable storehouse of your things and can decorate any room. At the same time, this kind of decor will be convenient in storage and at the same time, it is easily done. You will need a special material and a step-by-step instruction that will tell you how you can implement this subject.

First of all, we need such items:

Make the box a quilling technique. Photo №1

  • Wooden board (smooth and soft, for pins)
  • Quilling Line
  • Tweezers for deformation
  • Knife (sharp)
  • Pins
  • Handle gel
  • Paper for qwilling (lilac color, dark and light)

This first set will help us makeown work. The work is done on a special wooden board, it is desirable that the tree species be soft. This is necessary in order to stick pins into the object. Also, you need to use tweezers and a ruler.

Casket bottom

Make the box a quilling technique. Photo # 2 Make space for the rectangle. We fill it with a pattern using special elements. First of all, fix your range of work with pins. Next, start working. The first thing you do is the "puck" pattern. They will be located on the edge of our casket. Next, we make the drops that will be inside the installation. After that, we work on the peephole pattern, which are also fixed in the inner part of the range. then, rings are made in the central part and drops that will be more dark in the rims. After the materials are placed in places, they need to be fixed with glue. We wait for some time, until the glue dries, then we remove the don from the board. If everything was properly glued, cut with our sharp knife from the board our installation. Next, with the help of glue donas and leave to dry.

Casket walls

Make the box a quilling technique. Picture №3 After, we work on the walls of the box. The rectangle of the wall should be shorter than what was for the don. We glue the rows into parts, using glue, aligning the ruler with materials. It is necessary to make 11 modules of drops of dark tonalities, then make 10 eyes of light tonalities and complete them with a series of drops along a dark tonality. The pattern is drawn in sequence 6 to 5 by 6. The walls are covered with a dilute mixture of glue and dried.

Fixing walls

Next, spread the lower levels of the drop with glue andput on the edge of the bottom. Adjust the position in such a way that they only touch the adjacent walls with corners. We need to glue all sides to the bottom. At the joints with a toothpick, we apply a sticky substance.


Make the box a quilling technique. Photo №4 The rim of the box is made using the shape of the washers,which can be seen in the photo. Attach them to the top of the wall in such a way that they overlap your work. In each side of the box, you need to paste one washer to secure it. Make the box a quilling technique. Photo №5 The work on the lid of our casket will be simple. It completely repeats the bottom of the box, only on top of the work you need to come up with your own pattern. You can take advantage of ready-made ideas for module forms, or you can think through your own solutions that will help you realize your idea. Thus, our casket is completed. The crafting of the box with quilling technique can be an excellent gift, or decorate your house as a beautiful decoration element!