Box for toys with own hands, basket, organizer, photo / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Box for toys with own hands, basket, organizer, photo / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

All parents know how difficult it is to achievethe ideal order in the house, when the children are still quite small. Especially in the nursery, where the toys are scattered and on the floor, and on the table, and on the beds, and under the bed, and in other unexpected places. But this problem can be easily solved, armed with creative spirit and necessary materials that are available in any house. Our task now is to make or sew ourselves an interesting, roomy and safe container for storing children's toys. Its kinds can be various: a box, an organizer, a bag, a box, etc. In any case, whether it is a container for storing large toys or a bag for children's trifles, the resulting thing should be a cheerful and original element of the interior.

Box for toys with their own hands

toy boxTo make a special box for toys with your own hands you will need:

  • Panels of chipboard (side walls and bottom);
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Measuring instrument (tape measure or long ruler);
  • Small supports (legs) or furniture wheels;
  • Materials for external design (fabrics, decorative film, paints);
  • Scissors.

Such a box is suitable for storing large toys. But in order to do it you need at least a small carpenter skill. Therefore, it is better to entrust the man who will connect all the details of the box together and attach special supports or wheels (so that the box can be easily moved around the room). And by exterior decoration a container for storing toys can already be dealt with by a mother, pasting it with a decorative film or drawing on it some funny drawing. Inside, the soft box can be sewn with a furniture stapler using dense natural fabrics and filler (foam rubber, sintepon). We can also offer a simpler and more effective version of the box:

Box with your own hands for storing toys

toy boxNecessary materials

  • A large sturdy box;
  • Beautiful self-adhesive film;
  • A package with a picture from a children's gift;
  • Scotch;
  • Scissors or clerical knife;
  • Glue.

This box in its type and purposeis similar to a box for storing toys, but unlike it, it's more simple to execute. Another advantage of such a box is that the child himself can turn it over and take everything he needs.

  • First carefully cut off the lid of the box, cut the sections with adhesive tape.
  • Cover the box with film from the outside and inside, including the bottom.
  • Take the package from the gift and cut out interesting colorful details (animals, flowers, etc.).
  • Glue them with adhesive tape or glue onsidewall boxes. You can also come up with other options for decorating such a container. For example, if you have a girl, make flowers from the fabric, bows, etc.

    Basket for toys with your own hands made of fabric

    toy basketYou will need:

    • Fabrics of 2 different colors;
    • Sewing machine;
    • Strong thread;
    • Scissors;
    • Non-woven fabric.

    A basket for toys you can sew yourselffrom any fabric you like. It is very easy to cut it out, being guided by the fact that in the finished form the basket has a square shape with smoothed corners. In order for the basket to hold the shape of the part from the fabric, it is additionally glued with a dense fleece. For interior and exterior decoration it is advisable to use fabrics of different colors. Also, the handle of the basket is also cut out and fastened with a firm seam.

    Bag for storing toys

    a bag for toys with your own handsIn order to sew such a bag with your own hands you will need:

    • Dense polyethylene;
    • The cloth;
    • Scissors;
    • Sewing machine;
    • Threads.

    Structurally the bag consists of the bottom, the main onepart and lace. Cut out of the fabric 2 round details that will serve as the bottom. Size determine at your discretion - you can sew, like a bag for storing large toys, and a small bag for small items. On the bottom diameter measure the width of the bag and determine the height, open the main part of it. Do not forget to take into account that the bag consists of a woven material and a transparent film. In the upper part of the bag, which consists of the fabric, it is necessary to make a string for the lace. The cord can be sewn from the same fabric.

    Organizer for toys

    11See similar master classes: Necessary materials:

    • Thick fabric;
    • Scissors;
    • Sewing machine;
    • Strong thread.

    This wall-mounted organizer to do by own handsquite simply. It is sewn according to the accordion principle. A rectangular piece of fabric is formed by an accordion (or ladder) and is sewn on the sides and in the middle in certain places (depending on the number, width and height of the pockets). Such an unusual organizer usually hangs on a wall and piles small toys and various objects for creativity.