Bracelet from dragon scales ": master-class on the machine

Bracelet from dragon scales ": master-class on the machine

Dragon Scale Bracelet The Dragon Scale gum bracelet is one ofmost popular. A very elastic (due to the specifics of weaving, a bracelet of the same length will fit the holders of hands of different sizes) and airy, gentle weaving resembles lace (and maybe chain mail?). This wide bracelet is woven at the same time quite quickly and simply, and you will not need a lot of rubber bands to make it. The Internet offers to weave "scales" on the fork, and on the slingshot, and on the machine. Yet the most convenient is the last option. It is important to carefully follow the sequence of actions in order not to be disappointed in the result. Visibility gives precisely expanded weaving on the machine; you only need one row of bars.

To weave a bracelet "Dragon Scales" will need:

rezinochki two colors; hook; machine; 4 fasteners. How to weave a gum bracelet "Dragon Scale"

How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scales": description of work

For weaving "scales" you need an ordinary machinefor weaving, but only one row of columns. The remaining rows can be removed, but you can not remove, so the design is more stable, I think. In any case, the extra rows will not interfere with weaving, but they will not be used. We work on the extreme posts to you. For the master class, the Dragon Scale bracelet is woven from two colored rubber bands. This is very convenient if you are dealing with this type of weaving for the first time, as it allows you not to get confused in the rows. In the future, if you like weaving, you can weave both monophonic and iridescent, and any other bracelets that fantasy tells you. A definite plus of such a weave - the length of the finished bracelet is not limited to the length of the machine, as it were, for example, in. So let's get started. Eight we stretch 4 red elastic bands: on the first and second columns, the third and fourth, fifth and sixth, seventh and eighth. How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scales" on the machine From above we put on white elastic bands, also eights: on the second and third; on the fourth and fifth, on the sixth and seventh, on the eighth and ninth. Dragon Scale Bracelet Weave Bracelet "Dragon Scales" on the machine The next stage - throwing up the lower gum. We are interested only in those posts, which turned out to have 2 rubber bands each. In this case, we hook the bottom and hook it over the post. How to make a dragon scale bracelet of rubber bands Dragon Scale Bracelet Do the same for all other columns, where it turned out to be 2 rubber bands. How to weave a bracelet "dragon scales" Bracelet "Scale" Next - again the red gum. We put them on smoothly, without an overlap of eight (like all other subsequent elastic bands in this bracelet). Red gum should be exactly in the same positions, which was the first red row. How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scales" on the machine Again, we look where we got 2 rubber bands (everywhere, except for the last column), and throw off the lower rubber bands by the columns. How to weave on the machine bracelet "Scales" How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scale" How to make a bracelet "Dragon Scales" Last we wore red rubber bands, which meansnow we are going to wear white. As already said, without an overlap, starting from the second column, i.e. whites will be in the same positions as the previous “white” row. How to weave gum bracelet "Dragon Scale" Throw off the lower gum at the posts. Bracelets from rubber bands on the Dragon Scale machine Bracelet from elastic bands on the machine "Scales" We continue to alternate between red and white gum and throw off the lower gum at the posts. How to weave bracelet "Dragon Scale" Dopple to the desired length of the bracelet? The last row should be the same color as the first. In our case - red. Dragon Scale Bracelet We twist it in the traditional way, and then we connect the rubber bands:

  • From the first column we throw the red gum on the second;
  • from the third to the fourth;
  • from the fifth to the sixth;
  • from the seventh - on the eighth;
  • from the ninth - also on the eighth.

How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scale" Bracelet on the machine "Scales" We got 4 columns with rubber bands. And we take the eight-buckles to hold each of them with all those rezinochki that were on each column. How to weave a gum bracelet from rubber bands We examine the first row and select loops on it, which will also go to the fastener. Attach the red loops to the free parts of each fastener. How to weave a bracelet "Dragon Scale" Our bracelet made of gum "Dragon Scale" is ready. Dragon Scale Bracelet We hope all the nuances of creating such a braceletwere understandable, and if there are still questions about how to weave it, please ask them in the comments. Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: