Bracelets from beads with their own hands in master classes (photo)

Bracelets from beads with their own hands in master classes (photo)


Bead weaving is a modern hobby withLong history. Over the centuries, beads from natural materials were used to create elements of national clothes and shoes for many peoples. However, the time when beadwork was considered the lot of the older generation, long gone. In our time, weave the product of beads - means to create a fashionable, always relevant and unique accessory. The popularity of weaving with beads is obvious - on the expanses of the worldwide network you can find numerous photo and video lessons, schemes and master classes that explain how to make bead items.
Using beads can be made by own handsVarious products - from jewelry, for example, earrings and necklaces, to accessories and even paintings. The most popular product for beginners and experienced craftsmen are bracelets from beads. We bring to your attention the lessons, mastering which, you can make beautiful bracelets from beads.

Bracelets from beads with monastic weaving

Braiding each bracelet is enoughIndividually. However, there are several common methods of weaving, as well as schemes, having learned to read which you can make almost any bracelet with your own hands.
So, if you decide to make a bracelet of beads, you will need:

  • Beads of different colors, sizes;
  • Line in the tone of the primary colors of the bracelet;
  • Thin needle;
  • Expanding rings, locks, round-nosed for the final design of the bracelet.

The easiest way to weave a bracelet from beads andBeads - use "monastic weaving" (it is often referred to as "cross", "crossing" and "counter nizanie"). Using such a beadwork bracelets are very beautiful and elegant. This method of weaving is so simple that it is ideal for beginners, and with the right combination of components, the product may look difficult and unusual.
For beginners it is better to try this technique first:

  • String 4 beads on the line and slide them to the center;
  • The second end of the line is passed through the last (fourth) bead in the direction opposite to the first (the sides of the thread must go through each other "towards");
  • Tighten the line. You will have a rhombus;
  • At the left end of the thread you need to thread one bead, on the right - two. Then in the second bead it is necessary to pass the line so that it crosses, then it must be tightened;
  • Repeat steps 2-4 of this master class until the chain reaches the desired length, as shown in the diagram:

  • Read these schemes is not difficult. As a rule, the location of beads and their colors are clearly shown in the figure. The direction of the weaving is shown by arrows, the order of joining of the elements can be specified in figures. Often the diagram is so detailed that it is not accompanied by a description and does not enter into detailed lessons. Even for beginners to do bracelets from beads on such schemes with their own hands is easy.
    In order to complete the weaving, make a neat little bundle. You can also attach a lock to the knot, so that the bracelet fastens.
    Using the lessons of "monastic weaving" you can weave not only simple bead bracelets, but also more complex models, for example, as in the photo below:

    Emerald Beaded Bracelet

    Make your own hands a golden emerald bracelet made of beads and beads is not difficult. You will need:

    • Round beads of golden color;
    • Emerald and transparent beads in the form of a double cone (4mm);
    • Thin transparent fishing line (2 meters);
    • Special needle;
    • A golden color lock to complete the work.

    So, let's start:
    Put on 3 beads of golden color, slide onThe middle. At each end of the line, put on one emerald cone. On the right side, put on a golden bead. Now thread the left end through it in the opposite direction. Tighten as shown in the photo below:

    Add one green cone perEnd of the line. Now add three more golden beads to the right end, thread the left and right ends in the opposite direction through all three beads, tighten.

    At each end of the line add three round gold beads. Now stretch both ends towards each other through three beads from which we started the work, as shown in the photo:

    We add one emerald cone on each side. We need to weave in the "opposite" direction. Add one golden bead and skip both ends of the line through it.

    String another green bead on each side. On the one hand we string three golden beads, stretch the thread through all three in opposite directions, tighten.

    Add three golden beads to the end of the line,Which is at the top of the weaving. Then draw it through the previous row of 3 beads (the place from which we started making the bracelet), as shown in the photo:

    Both ends of the line are now in the bottom of the bracelet. On one of them, string 3 gold beads, through them, pass both ends of the line.
    On each side, add one transparent cone. Add one golden bead, pass both ends through it.

    Add one transparent cone on each side. On one side of the line, string three gold beads, pass both ends through them.

    On the right end of the line, string three gold beads. The end is drawn through three beads that lie at the base between the golden and transparent cones.

    String three gold beads on one side, pass through both ends of the line.
    Add one emerald cone on each side, add a golden bead, draw both ends of the line through it.

    Add one green cone on each side. Add three golden beads on one side, stretch both ends of the fishing line through them in opposite directions.

    Add three round beads on the left side. Pull the thread through the place of the previous connection of the transparent and green cones.

    Repeat the previous steps of our master classUntil the optimal length of the bracelet is reached. Weave should be in the direction upwards and forwards. Use the learned lessons of the "monastic weaving". The color scale can be changed at will, the weaving scheme remains the same.
    When the chain has reached the desired length, attach the buckle with the help of expansion rings. Ready bracelet of beads and beads will look like the photo:

    Weaving bracelets from beads on a makeshift machine

    Weaving bracelets from beads is a creative process. However, no way of weaving does not contribute to the flight of fantasy, as weaving on the machine. With the apparent complexity of the method, it is not difficult to make a machine with your own hands even at home. The essence of weaving is simple and the same in all cases, and a variety of patterns will be easy to weave even for beginners - we need only a good design and colored beads. Applying such a braided bead bracelets come with an individual and original pattern. We bring to your attention lessons on creating a machine and master classes that will teach you how to weave unique bead bracelets.
    To make a machine by yourself you will need:

    • Cardboard cover from the box;
    • stationery knife;
    • Strong thread.

    Assembly diagram:

    • Make on two opposite sides of the lidShallow incisions opposite each other (distance between notches: one or two millimeters). Number of cuts - one more than the number of rows that you plan in the bracelet;
    • Pull around a strong thread so that it passes through the incisions. The thread must be tightened well;
    • Cut the notches in two unaffected sides to make it more comfortable to weave;
    • Finish the end of the thread on the last coil.

    The machine is ready! Now you can make a bracelet.

    Lessons of weaving bracelets on the machine

    As an example of what unusual jewelry can beDo it yourself on the machine, we offer you a master class on creating bracelets in the South African style. Choose one of the following schemes:

    You will need:

    • Homemade or purchased machine (10 warp yarns);
    • 5.5 meters of strong thread;
    • Beads of different colors;
    • Special needle;
    • line;
    • scissors.

    To create a bracelet, tie the thread to the leftmost warp thread.
    String 9 beads of different colors in accordance with(For example, if you chose the first scheme, it will be red - black - two blue - black - two blue - black - red according to the top row of the diagram).
    Draw the first row under the warp threads, perpendicular to them. Maintain the workpiece with your finger from the bottom. Beads should be located between the warp threads, push them from the bottom up.
    Now fasten them on the base: pass through the beads thread in the opposite direction above the warp threads.

    Repeat the previous steps of our master class to create an African-style bracelet. In order to weave a pattern correctly, always check with the chosen scheme.
    In order to finish the beadwork, the threadsThe base should be cut from the back of the box. Now you can either stretch the warp threads through the last row of beads one by one (leaving two central threads for securing the fastener) or wind the free end of the thread up and down between the warp threads (15-20 rows), then fix them with glue, a leather strap with a fastener Paste directly on the thread, so that only the pattern on the bracelet can be seen.

    Video: Weaving bracelet from beads on the machine

    Using these lessons, you can doLike a bracelet with any other pattern. Multicolor and monochrome bracelets are equally relevant. You can create your own designs! On the bracelets, you can also write the owner's name or a wish, a quote, a wise idea, to convey almost any image or pattern. Your possibilities are almost limitless!

    Video: Master-classes on beading bracelets