Bracelet "Grapes" do it yourself: master class

Bracelet "Grapes" do it yourself: master class

Now you will learn how to quickly make cutebracelet with your own hands on our master class for yourself, girlfriend or beloved daughter. An interesting accessory a la grapes sure to enjoy beauties of all ages.

And to make a bracelet with your own hands, you need nothing at all:

accessories of color "old copper": studs with bead caps, leaflet rings, a chain for the base and a T-clasp in the shape of a grape leaf; mix of beads purple "pearls" of different shades and sizes; leaf beads; tools - round pliers and pliers.

Do-it-yourself bead bracelet: master class with step-by-step job description

We attach a part of the fastener to the edge of the chain."Grape leaf". To do this, just unscrew the extreme chain link a little with round pliers, put a fastener on it, and then close the link with pliers (be careful not to break the link geometry!). Measure out the desired length of the chain for the bracelet; disconnect too much. At the second end of the chain in the same way we attach the second part of the fastener. We put the pin in the bead. With the help of the cutting part of the pliers, we cut off the excess from the pin - it is necessary to leave a segment of 8-9 mm to form a ring. Immediately pliers bend the free partpin to the side, ideally 90 degrees. Given the relatively delicate coating of beads that imitate pearls, this should be done especially carefully so as not to scratch the glossy surface. Grasp the edge of the free end of the pinround pliers and form a ring. If they do not come out neatly enough - this is not a reason to stop, but an occasion to practice in the creation of products: none of these loops come out perfectly even on the first attempt. With experience comes skill. You see in the photo that the ring is not closed - this gap is needed in order to attach the bead to the chain of the base. With the resulting crochet we catch the bead on the chain and close the loop with the help of pliers. Thus, we attach all the beads to the chain as thick as possible, 2-4 pieces per link. Here's what we got: Almost finished bracelet. But for a more believable imitation of the grapes, add green leaves. If you have old copper rings, allsimple: slightly unclench them with round pliers, put on a piece of paper, attach it to the bracelet, and clamp the ring with pliers. I did not have the right color rings, so I donated pins. Bite off the cap with pliers. With the help of round pliers form a ring. Our master-class on creating a bracelet with your own hands is completed - and you have a ready-made decoration in your hands! You might also like the idea of ​​creating a la Currant. Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: