Bright and original bee costume for the New Year for the child with their own hands, with minimal cost

Bright and original bee costume for the New Year for the child with their own hands, with minimal cost

Every child loves New Year holidays,elegant Christmas trees with bright toys and lights, gifts and festive morning performances, on which various roles are played. Often it is necessary to make New Year costumes for parents themselves, using their imagination, creativity, wit and imagination. And sometimes you really have to break your head if the role is unusual, and the costume is complex, fully conveying the whole image. And of course, I want the children's New Year outfit to be qualitatively sewn, beautiful and original, not like the others. How to make a bee suit for yourself on New Year's Eve. A bright and original costume for a child with their own hands and minimal costs. Photo №1 Very unusual, bright, elegant and amazing looks on the child a bee suit that you can sew yourself. It is suitable for boys. both for girls and for girls. For this it is necessary to prepare:

  • black dress or blouse,
  • skirt or even a T-shirt from any light fabric.

Then pick out the satin, velvet or silkyellow strips of material. The needlewomen and craftsmen can tie these blanks with a simple pattern of crochet or spokes. You can also use special satin ribbons or a wide ribbon of yellow color. If a black dress or any thing you did not find, but there is a yellow article, then you can do the opposite: to sew a black strip to a yellow dress. Another great option is to put on a simpleblack sweatshirt and an elongated yellow waistcoat, at the bottom slightly tied to an elastic band, and already on this upper vest to sew black strips. On legs for girls it is possible to prepare black pantyhose or leggings, and boys will approach any trousers of dark color. Shoes for a bee costume should also be made in a yellow-black version. Further it is necessary to make more difficult detail -bee wings. You can, of course, buy ready-made in the store, but it's more interesting to make them yourself, then the costume will be really unique and unique. The simplest option is to make wings of ordinary wire, folding it in the form of wings, and then wrap it with strong transparent dimensionless pantyhose and decorate with sequins or beautiful embroidery. To the costume of bees still need to make a mustache. To do this, you need a children's bezel for your hair. To the rim we attach two antennas from a wire twisted several times. At the very edge of the resulting antennae, you need to sew yellow pom-balloons, prepared in advance from any yarn, or used from old things. On the face of the child you can draw a special make-up or simply paint the nose with black paint, then the image will be even brighter and more interesting.