Bright colors in the interior and exterior, colorful garden, rainbow in detail (40 photos)

Bright colors in the interior and exterior, colorful garden, rainbow in detail (40 photos)

Spring is a time of bright colors, and if the street is stilluntil all gray and even daffodils have time to blossom, it’s never too late to create a spring interior and add bright colors to your apartment and garden. Our today's inspiration is a rainbow, and we will see how to create a multi-colored interior with bright walls, furniture and interior details of various colors. If you want houses in calmer shades, you can make a bright exterior of the house - a colorful facade: walls, doors, windows and even steps in front of houses, as well as add colors to your garden - in the form of flowers or decorations for a summer residence. Content

    Bright colors in the interior of the apartment

    Bright colors and colors in the interior of the apartment photoBright colors and colors in the interior of the apartment photo Onphoto: 1. Bright furniture covers are an elegant way to add bright colors to a simple black and white interior. Read about its different colors in our article. 2. Textiles of rainbow colors - bed linen, pillows, panels on the wall and a lamp will transform the white bedroom. 3. The rest corner on a small balcony will become more comfortable, use colored furniture and bright flower pots. Yet . 4. Rainbow of colors: to distinguish between colors, you can use a white cabinet with several open shelves - on each of them to collect parts of the same color. Complement with bright sofa cushions and striped carpet. 5. Bright colors in the design of the living room - pillows on the sofa, a plaid and a home-made picture on the wall. 6. Multi-colored pastel furniture, pillows and floor lamp - apartments. 7. A rainbow rug in circles and a pair of bright armchairs are able to completely transform the classic interior in soothing colors. 8. Multi-colored upholstery of white chairs for the kitchenette, dining room or dining area.

    Colorful exterior and facade of the house

    Colorful exterior: bright facade of the house, walls, doors and windows photoMulti-colored exterior: bright facade of the house, walls, doors and windows photo In the photo: 1. A multi-colored wooden house: yellow walls, green shutters, a red front door and a blue bench. 2. A long corridor with colorful arches - a great way to cheer yourself up - just take a walk along it, thinking about the good, sunny, and positive. 3. An orange door to the house, red flower pots and an interesting idea - multi-colored stone tiles painted with ordinary paint. We take into service. 4. A house with orange walls of a juicy orange hue and bright blue shutters - you look at this one and you want to smile right away. By the way, we have already written what they are. 5. The original house, the windows of which are at different heights, and the walls, as if painted with watercolors. 6. Another positive multi-colored exterior of the house is the facade and doors. 7. Residential high-rise building with colorful balconies. Would you like to live in this? 8. A narrow street with a dozen multi-colored two-story houses.

    Bright decor with interior details

    Colorful interior details - add bright colors to the house photoColorful interior details - add to the housebright colors photo In the photo: 1. Spring exposure - a pink owl, a green camera with a blue gnome and a vase with bright colors. Another inspiration of the day: - for lovers of these birds. 2. Multi-colored vases - you can choose your own for any interior. How to do it - read here. 3. A very simple idea of ​​a rainbow on the windowsill: transparent glasses, white flowers, water and food colors of different colors - and you will get the same thing. 4. Multi-colored glass balls - there are a million ways to use them in the decor, for example, decorate a flower pot or pour into a transparent glass vase. 5. Multi-colored curtain rods - will look perfect with white curtains. 6. An unusual idea for a hanging mini-garden - caps with plants on a tree branch. And here are some more ways to hang indoor plants. 7. Homemade multi-colored felt pendant in the shape of hearts - wall decor, a nursery or your garden. 8. Rainbow marmalade is another way to cheer yourself up if you're sad.

    Same shape - different colors of the rainbow

    Rainbow in the details of the interior: one shape and size, different colors in the photoRainbow in the interior details: one shape and size, different colors in the photo In the photo: 1. Absolutely identical chairs in all colors of the rainbow - choose what you like best, or use your favorite combination of bright colors in the interior of your home. 2. Multi-colored high chairs - similar to the previous idea, but such chairs are easy to make yourself - just paint ordinary wooden ones. 3. Multi-colored braid or thread - note to the needlewoman. 4. Paper butterflies in rainbow colors can decorate the walls in the house, windows, nursery, chest of drawers or anything that comes to your mind. 5. Positive towels - just fold them in a pile on a shelf in the bathroom and choose the color that you like best today. 6. Home-made multi-colored cabinet with shelves from wooden boxes - we paint, assemble, enjoy life. Here is a way to do this. 7. Clay galoshes of bright colors - an interesting idea for flower pots. 8. Water in glasses, tinted with food colors.

    Rainbow of colors in the cottage and in the garden

    Rainbow in the garden: we paint the fence and the walls of the house, put bright signs, plant colorful flowersRainbow in the garden: we paint the fence and the walls of the house, put bright signs, plant colorful flowers In the photo: 1. A garden cottage decoration made of metal wire and colorful glass bottles. 2. Wooden plates of different colors - pointers to your favorite world resorts or signatures on the beds of what is planted there. 3. A country fence, stylized as colored pencils with a pen in the form of an eraser. 4. Multi-colored steps in the garden and lanterns-flower pots of different colors - ideas for creating a romantic mood. 5. Different flowers on the windowsill. Similarly, you can plant such colorful flower beds in your garden. The main thing is that the flowers bloom there at the same time. For example, you can make one - a great idea for garden design. 6. Colored country house with a bright wooden fence. 7. Birdhouses of different colors - a way to decorate the garden and flower beds in the country. 8. Knitted hanging chair in rainbow colors. You can hang in the garden the same bright hammock. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!