Brooch of beads in the form of a flower and an owl with your own hands (photo)

Brooch of beads in the form of a flower and an owl with your own hands (photo)


- beautiful, exquisite accessories thatLike all women of fashion. Make yourself such a delightful decoration on the basis of available materials will be able to each needlewoman. In this lesson we will consider the creation of beautiful brooches in the shape of a flower and an owl, which must necessarily be in the wardrobe of any woman.


We will begin the first master class with the manufacture of brooch from beads in the form of a flower with pendants. Such a decorative element will decorate itself with a suit, and a gentle dress, a coat, a sweater and even a bag.
So, in order to make a brooch from beads, prepare the following set of materials and tools:

  • Beads under the numbers of 13 or 15 suitable shades;
  • Beads under the numbers 10 or 11 for the skin around the edges of the product;
  • Beads and beads of various caliber and hue for the creation of pendants;
  • Bead of large caliber to make the core of the flower (you can use a rhinestone or cabochon);
  • felt;
  • A piece of natural or artificial leather for the wrong side;
  • Special fastening for brooch;
  • thread;
  • Needles for beadwork;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Let's start the master class and makePatterns for a flower. You can make a template based on the finished image or you can draw it yourself. Choose any shape of petals according to your desire, taking into account that you could easily fill with beads all their space. It is necessary to make two samples: one on which the image of the entire flower is applied and the other with separate petals. Such petals can be similar to a pattern and show those where you want to make a brooch of beads bulky. These individual elements must be sewn to specific places. More volume of the product can be given by using several layers of felt in work.

We begin to make a brooch from beads from the coreFlower, and then successively fill the petals. In the beginning, there is a filling of three-dimensional details. Following them, there are places without an additional layer. You can start work from the middle of the brooch, but act more carefully.
Needle with a thread is displayed on the face. Next, string the beads, the number of which will fill the selected part of the petal. After that, the needle is displayed on the wrong side near the border of the petals. On the wrong side, fix the thread with a knot in order to not pull the base with a subsequent stitch. In this master class, two shades of beads are used to sew lobes. You can use your own combination of color combinations and make your original brooch, picking up interesting shades of the main material.

It is best to fill the petals with beadsThe following scheme: embroider two divergent beams along the entire length of the bulk surface, and after this we make low beads among their borders, gradually reducing the number of beads where necessary.
In this way we fill the volumeSurfaces, as well as areas in the immediate vicinity of the core, where there are no additional felt layers. It remains to make stamens for the flower. To do this, the needle is displayed on the face next to the core, a fine bead is sewn, beads under No. 8 or 6 and again a small bead. The final bead is skipped, and through the remaining needle goes to the wrong side. Thus, it is necessary to make stamens different in length near the middle of the flower.

The next step is to cut the futureBrooch in the form of a flower, retreating a millimeter from the border. We attach special fastening to the brooch on the wrong side. On a piece of leather we cut small holes into which a buckle is inserted (in the photo these places are marked with blue lines).
To strengthen the brooch, cut out a cardboard templateProducts smaller in shape from the original for a couple of millimeters and glue it to the felt base. Next, glue the skin with the fastener. After that, it is necessary to cut the brooch around the edges, retreating a millimeter from the border of the product.
At the final stage, you need to trim the edgeBrooches. The needle is inserted into the felt from the top of the product to the bottom. The node is hidden among the layers. Next, here you need to flash the product again and grab the skin at the same time - thus securing the thread. Now you need to string two pieces of beads under No. 19 or 11 and insert a needle from the top to the bottom from the leather side into the felt. The needle is inserted into the bead from the edge of the two one more time from the bottom to the top and is pulled together. So you get a bead that looks out through the hole from the brooch. After this, we sequentially type beads and produce similar actions. To facilitate understanding of this process, use the following scheme.

Border sewing, the thread that comes out of the final bead, is introduced into the initial bead of the edge from the top to the bottom. It remains to fix the node.
To make the suspension, you need to get out ofRandom beads, string beads and beads different in caliber in any order, insert a needle into the bead from the edge and fix it. For a secure attachment, walk the thread through the suspension in the opposite direction. We make in this way an arbitrary number of pendants.
On this, the master class came to an end, the brooch from the beads is ready.

Video: Master-class for creating a brooch-flower

Brilliant brooch with owl

We suggest you to make one more master class on making a dazzling brooch in the form of an owl with sparkling rhinestones and beads.
Necessary materials:

  • Rhinestones for stripes in the rim: Round shape of large size (two pieces of eight millimeters), drops (three pieces - 6-10 millimeters), one large drop (18-25 mm), three ovals (8-10 mm), round shape of small caliber (twenty pieces per Four millimeters);
  • Crystal beads of six and eight millimeters;
  • Beads of several tones;
  • A piece of felt and leather;
  • Beaded thread;
  • Attachment for brooch;
  • Adhesive for fixing rhinestones;
  • Thick paper (cardboard);
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • hole puncher.

We start by gluing to the base of largeCrystals of round shape. It will be the eyes of an owl. Kolo them, glue crystals and droplets of a smaller caliber, which will denote the ears and beak. Sewing of rhinestones can be carried out without additional fixation with glue. But best of all, they still use it before sewing, in order to get the perfect symmetry and exact repetition of the image.

At the next stage, you need to sew rhinestones andEmbroider the contour of the trunk with the use of crystal beads. How this process looks, you can see in the photo: Next, you need to attach a rhinestone to the felt in the form of a drop to represent the wing of an owl. The breast is filled with rhinestones oval, and the rest of the beads are made of crystal.

Bottom of the brooch, we fix three small rhinestones of a rounded shape - these are the legs of the owl. To facilitate the process of embroidery will help additional contour lines.

Formed lumens, filled with beads, as well as the gaps among the beads of crystal. The head of the owl is covered in brown beads by the outlines of beads.

At the next stage, the owl is gently carved with a minimum stock, so as not to touch the thread with sewn beads.

The next step is to take the cardboard and make a templateContour of the brooch. Now the sketch is reduced by a few millimeters on each side, cut and glued to the inside of the brooch. This will give it an extra density. A hole puncher needs to make a pair of holes in a piece of skin and fix a special fastener.
Embroidery with an owl is glued to the leather workpiece and excess parts are cut off.

It remains to sew with the bead border beads, according to the scheme.

Here is such an amazing brooch made of beads can you get in just a couple of evenings. Choose a quality material and your dazzling accessory in the form of an owl will not go unnoticed.

Video: Master-class on creating a brooch-owl