Home made of burlap with their own hands, ideas, photos, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Home made of burlap with their own hands, ideas, photos, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

A sweet little housekeeper, sewn by his own hands, willan ornament for the house, also such a doll will fulfill the role of the amulet of the family. This toy will be a wonderful gift to relatives or friends and, of course, it can be lodged in your apartment. The dwellers can be of different shapes and differ in both performance and materials, depending on which master class you liked the most, and which author undertook the task.

Simple housewife of burlap

In order to sew a sack from the burlap in accordance with the following master class, additional materials are needed, namely:

  • sackcloth;
  • sintepon or cotton wool, sawdust, grass;
  • twine;
  • decorative eyes;
  • linen tow;
  • glue PVA, a pistol with hot melt;
  • for decorating beans, mini dummies of fruits and berries, spikelets, etc.

The master class will teach you how to create a small house in the form of a sack, and this is not spontaneous. A bag is a symbol of wealth and abundance. we sew a woven from a sackcloth

  • From the burlap an oblong sac is sewn, wellthe material that is used for the design of wine bottles is suitable, it is dense and beautiful. You can sew on a sewing machine or with your own hands, the main thing is tight. For orientation, let's take an example of the dimensions 14x24 cm. After it was possible to sew three sides, the pouch turns out and straightens the corners.
  • We fill the capacity with a synthetic, cotton or fragrantfiller such as sawdust or grass, on the sides with a pencil, make holes for handles. They can be made from pigtail twine or burlap filaments. The length and thickness of the arms is determined on a scale to the dimensions of the "body". We pass the braid into holes, remove and align from two sides.
  • Next gently indent about 2 cm from the topbag, the rest is tightened with a thread. Thus, the toy received the crown. We attach a wig of "hair" to it. Hairstyle, which will get a brownie can be made from twine or herbal brush with your own hands. Hair garden on the glue and fasten to the vertex, cut it at your discretion.
  • The bast shoes, which will be worn by the housekeeper, can be made from twine or corn leaves. We push in them the rolled sacking, and the doll gets its legs.
  • The next step is to make a hat. It can be sewn from burlap, of the same size and shape as you want. Mount it to your head is not necessary, you can just put it on. We make Kuzya mustache with the help of the pakli.
  • Next, we attach eyes, nose can be made from walnut or beans, mouth - from halves of lentils.
  • Brownie is ready, it remains to reward Kuzya with good andedible stocks. For them, you need to sew a few small bags and fill them with cereals. To prevent the contents from crumbling, it must first be mixed with glue and wait until it dries.
  • The toy will be ready after you decorate it with your own hands, you can fix on it the dummies of berries, fruits, vegetables, spikelets of wheat and everything that imagination allows.
  • Ideas and options for tailoring make

    To make a little house-house more realistic andlike a person, you will like a master class, in which the head is based kapron. Involvement of a normal capron from pantyhose flesh color gives an opportunity to work out facial features. we sew a woven from a sackclothSuch households are distinguished by their individuality andlook qualitative. To fill a face from a capron it is possible sintepon or plasticine, preliminary having generated by the hands the basic features of the face. Here the detailed master class: For a proof basis it is possible to take the used coils from under a wide scotch. Three units of this material will be enough to create a tall house with your own hands. To form the legs, you can cover the burlap heads from disposable spoons or other foot-like objects. To make the hands look like real ones, wire is used, it creates a semblance of a skeleton, and then it is left to roll it with cotton wool and sew it with fabric. When making a toy, you can sew clothes from your sackcloth or other fabrics with your own hands and decorate it at will. Beads and colorful ribbons will also go in the running. A very simple Kuzya can be made on the basis of a cardboard tube, covered with sacking, which will serve both the body and the head for the housekeeper. On a basis to paste all necessary parts of a body and an ornament. The master class will teach you how to quickly create toys, and the house will become the guardian of your home. Domovyat from different master classes do not resemble each other, like any hand-crafted article. Fruits, vegetables and other decorations are not only for beauty, they have their own mystical power. housewifery from burlapWith the help of skillful combination, your amulet will be useful for home and family:

    • A broom in the hands of a housekeeper symbolizes the cleaning of the house of negative energy, and if it is directed upwards, it will attract money.
    • Red pepper is a symbol of men's health.
    • Blackberries and mountain ash berries symbolize maiden beauty, pumpkin seeds are responsible for women's strength and fertility.
    • A nest, a lark or an egg will become a way of procreation.
    • A small bread loaf, which you can make with your own hands of clay or plasticine, will bring to the family well-being and moral wealth.
    • Fruits will give the inhabitants of the house longevity, and thuya eternal youth.
    • Chamomile will be an ideal component for a young couple, as it symbolizes love and youth.
    • Horseshoe more than all the others will be a harbinger of happiness on a couple with a rooster.

    This master class gave the basics, by which you can create your ideal housekeeper and bring your family everything that she so lacks.