Buckets and buckets in the interior of the house, cottage and garden (40 photos)

Buckets and buckets in the interior of the house, cottage and garden (40 photos)


    Buckets and buckets in the interior of the house, cottage and garden

    Currently ordinary buckets and smallbuckets that can be purchased at any hardware store can easily be turned into interesting decorative elements for a summer house, home or garden. As a rule, buckets and buckets made of tin or various types of steel are used for these purposes. In order for the buckets in the decor to attract attention, you can slightly change their appearance: make decoupage, paint with bright colors, decorate with vinyl stickers, etc. To implement interesting decor ideas, both old and specially acquired new ones are used buckets.

    Metal buckets and storage buckets

    To store things you can use a bucket ina single copy or a whole composition of several buckets, it all depends on the size of the containers. Small or medium-sized buckets are often mounted on shelves or hung on a wall. Large buckets are placed on the shelf or on the floor.

    Stationery storage in hanging buckets

    The smallest metal buckets you canuse for storage of various trifles necessary in the household. By hanging the compositions from small buckets on hooks or railing, you get an element of decor that will no longer allow you to lose the little things necessary for needlework or various stationery.vedra i vederki 10

    Buckets for storing cutlery

    A popular tendency to store cutlery insmall metal buckets came to us from Sweden. Making buckets to your taste, we get excellent decorative stands for storing cutlery. Such coasters will add a little vintage to the kitchen interior. And buckets made of galvanized steel are suitable for a kitchen decorated in an industrial style. Buckets for storing cutleryBuckets for storing cutlery

    Buckets for storing clothes

    Buckets are also used to store clothes andaccessories. Buckets placed in the hallway are suitable for storing hats, scarves, slippers or gloves. In the dining room, buckets are suitable for storing napkins and tablecloths. Buckets for storing clothesBuckets for storing clothes

    Other ideas for storing things in buckets

    There are so many other ideas.storing various things in metal buckets. Using small buckets, you can store household cleaning products, bath accessories, tools and items needed in needlework. A high bucket will look great in the hallway as a stand for umbrellas. Workshop metal bucketsWorkshop metal buckets

    Buckets for newspapers and magazines

    It is very convenient to store in large bucketsnewspapers and magazines. Now the piles of the accumulated house of the press will not wallow anywhere. A bucket for newspapers and magazines can be mounted on an arm for shelves not far from an armchair, not only will it be a convenient reading corner, but also, the bucket will not take up space on the floor. Buckets for newspapers and magazinesBuckets for newspapers and magazines

    Storage of children's toys and books in buckets

    To store things in the children's room useeither ready-made buckets from bright colors with various patterns, or they transform ordinary buckets on their own. Small buckets are best hung on the wall; large buckets are usually placed on shelves. Storage of children's things in bucketsStorage of children's things in buckets

    Using buckets and buckets in the decor

    Buckets can serve not only for storagevarious things, but become an interesting element in the decoration of a house, cottage or garden. For the decor of indoor plants, buckets are most often used as a pot. It is enough to pick up a bucket of the right size and put a pot of plants in it. Such a pot is good in that it can be placed on a shelf or suspended from a wall. It’s better to attach wheels to buckets for large flowers. So plants will be easier to move from one place to another. Garden flowers can immediately be planted in galvanized buckets, after making several small holes in the bottom. An unusual corner of the garden will turn out if several such buckets are hung on tree branches or on the wall of the house. If you use several buckets with garden flowers, you get an excellent multi-tiered composition. Also, the bucket can be partially dug into the ground and complement the composition with other colors. Buckets in the interior decorationBuckets in the interior decoration

    The most unusual ideas from buckets

    If you show a little imagination from an old bucketYou can make an unusual lampshade, an impromptu wash basin or reel for storing an irrigation hose or wire. Also, a regular bucket of sand can be a great candlestick. Small buckets with candles that are placed throughout the house will help to create a romantic atmosphere. To make things more convenient in buckets, various hooks, magnets, thin elastic bands or semicircular kitchen shelves are attached to buckets. Such devices will allow you to attach gloves, garden tools, plastic cups for a picnic to the bucket and much more. Unusual ideas for using buckets Unusual ideas for using buckets Do you like the article? Share on social networks!