Bugle: crafts and jewelry by your own hands (photo and video)

Bugle: crafts and jewelry by your own hands (photo and video)


Bugles are long beads, a tubular shape. As a material for manufacturing, glass, plastic or metal are used. Grain can be smooth and with straight or twisted faces, length from 3 to 30 mm. Small beads are used for weaving or weaving with a needle. Due to the fact that their faces are straight, rather than rounded, the woven fabric on the machine has a smooth, even surface.
In appearance, the glass can be transparent oropaque. The color palette of beads has more than 200 colors (the number varies from different manufacturers). In addition to color, beads are often given additional decorative effects. For example, the gloss can be:

  • Pearly;
  • Gasoline;
  • Glossy;
  • Metallic.

In addition to gloss, the technique of coloring the inner surface of beads in a color different from the main (golden, silver), etc. is applied.

Sphere of use of glass beads

Like ordinary beads, bugles are widely used in needlework:

  • Weaving of ornaments;
  • Various crafts (charms, cases for mobile phones);
  • Embroidery of clothes;
  • Making costume parts for oriental dances, etc.;
  • Creation of fringe on bags or belts;
  • Decoration of interior items;
  • The production of flowers.

Individual grains are obtained by cutting a solidTubes into fragments of the same length. The edges of the fragments can remain untreated, therefore, the thread, with which weaving or nesting was done, eventually wipes. Most practical, use a synthetic fishing line, reinforced or folded several times the thread.
When buying, it is better to choose a more expensive material- Cheap Chinese bugle contains many differently-sized and damaged grains, it will have to be sorted out additionally. Also, with a quality glass beads, paint will not get along, and crafts will not lose their beautiful appearance. Recognized leaders are the producers of the Czech Republic and Japan.
Most often in products, glass beads are supplemented with conventional beads.

Master-class on manufacturing curtains from glass beads

Decorative properties of glass beads are used forCreating quite large products - beautiful curtains and chandeliers. Light passing through the edges of beads, refracted many times, and fills the room with multicolored highlights.

Curtains from bugles look interesting and original. They are used to decorate or zoning rooms.
The easiest option for execution is a single-color curtain, stringing the tubes, you do not need to orient yourself to the patterns for weaving. To run the master class, you do not need a lot of materials.
For crafting you will need:

  • The basis is a wooden bar, strong enough to withstand the weight of the curtain;
  • Paint or varnish, for painting the bar;
  • Drill with a thin drill;
  • Line or thread for cutting beads;
  • Bugles;
  • Decorative beads (optional);
  • A needle that fits to the holes in the glass bead.

The bar is selected by a length equal to the door orThe window opening, which will be closed with curtains. In it, at an equal distance, through holes are drilled, to fasten the lengths of the line, the thicker the holes, the denser the curtain becomes. The plank is painted in the tone of a glass beaker or contrastingly.
The line is cut into pieces. The length of the segment is equal to the desired length of the curtain plus the addition for attaching to the base. A glass bead is strung to the desired length, combining it with beads. Then the thread is firmly fixed on the bar, which is fixed in the right place.

Taking as a basis the described master-class it is possible to make stylish black-and-white curtains simply alternating a glass bead.
Weaving the curtains can be performed, taking as a basis the scheme for embroidery with a counting cross. Very successfully look floral patterns. The main thing - to determine how many grains of bugles, form one cross of the circuit.

Simple crafts made of glass beads

Christmas decorations
To make nice balls-hedgehogs you will need:

  • Polystyrene billets in the form of a ball;
  • Bugles;
  • Sequins that match the color of the glass beads;
  • Tailor's pins;
  • Loop with a fixture from an old Christmas tree toy.

You can make a loop with your own hands from wireAnd insert into the workpiece. Then the master class proceeds to very simple steps: string a glass bead on the pin, then a sequin, and stick the pin into the foam ball. Sequins should be placed tightly to each other, so as not to overlook the workpiece. That's all - elegant and original decoration is ready!

As a loop for crafts, you can use a low bead or small glass beads.
Shave beads from a glass beaker For fast manufacturing of a fashionable accessory it is required:

  • Line or thread for weaving;
  • Glass beads and beads of suitable color (to the eyes or along);
  • Clasp for jewelry;
  • Needle, for comfortable lowering;
  • A bit of wire for the color of the glass beads.

We start our master class. In the needle, we straighten the fishing line and begin to string the bugle, combining it with the beads (for convenience, it is also possible to fasten the fishing line with the clamps on the ring from the jewelery wire). The overall length is low depending on the number of threads in the necklace and the length of the finished product. Usually the length is 55-65 cm. When several meters of bugles are on the line, the opposite ends are fastened together. The resulting thread is added in several layers of the required length. Opposite edges of the necklace are carefully fastened with wire, we twist the beads to give a slight crimp to the product. Next, attach the fastener to the wire.

The beads are ready for release. If there is time and desire - weave a bracelet to our jewelry to make the headset complete. Weaving is also performed, but with a shorter length.
Bugle bracelet
Decoration on the hand can be made usingWeaving in a cross. This is the simplest master class, it will take no more than an hour to make a craft. Materials at a minimum: a long bugle, beads, fishing line and clasp (at will, it can be made from beads and beads). We measure 1 meter of the line and thread it on the clasp. It should be in the middle of the segment, the ends are passed through a round bead. For each thread on one tube, one bead another tube and one bead on one side. In one bead, from different sides stretch the edges of the line. We continue the weaving to the desired length according to the scheme (coverage of the wrist + free fit):

We finish - symmetrically to the beginning and fasten the second part of the fastener.

Video: We make ornaments from a glass bead and beads