Bulk numbers for birthday: schemes, lessons - Beginners

Bulk numbers for birthday: schemes, lessons - Beginners

We offer you step by step instructions how to makevoluminous numbers with your own hands for a birthday or party. They will not leave indifferent any child, and with them you can make a wonderful photo session. Workshops on the manufacture of figures for both children and adults, from very simple to more complex. There are also many design options: napkins, paper, cloth or glitter. But in fact, such decorations do not fitonly for a children's holiday. Party, corporate, new year, hen party - is there no reason to decorate the room with the original huge inscription? The content of the article:

Unit for a year - for beginners

Very simple workshop for those who have never done needlework.

  • Cut out the base of the figure from the old cardboard box (dimensions are given below)
  • We take napkins or wrapping paper and cut it into squares with a side of 5-10 cm at will
  • We take for the center of the square and glue the PVA glue to the base.
  • Give dry for 2-3 hours. Done!
  • Also below in the photo are several sizes - ready-made diagrams and drawings for the number one. You can take a little more or less, at its discretion.

    Bulk digits made of cardboard

    This master class is for a more advanced level, and we will need at least 2-3 hours to produce such a voluminous figure. Necessary materials:

    • Thick cardboard
    • Stationery knife
    • A pen
    • Ruler
    • Scotch tape or duct tape
    • Crepe paper
    • Glue

    Creation of volumetric digit construction

    • Put two pieces of cardboard together. Draw the selected number (or letter), and then cut two layers of cardboard at the same time with a clerical knife.
    • We advise you to put a few extra layers of cardboard on the bottom so as not to cut the floor or table. In this case, the size of the digits in height is 50 cm.

    Step 2: Side strips In the previous step, we cut the front and back of the digit, and now we need to cut the side. To do this, you need strips of cardboard 10 cm wide. Step 3: Connecting the cardboard parts Using tape or tape, fasten the cut out figures with side strips along the seams. For strength, do it not only from above, but also inside. Step 4: Bending on the bends When you get to the bend, simply bend the strip of cardboard so that it lies in the shape of the number. In such places you can more strengthen the structure with scotch tape. TIP: Creating a design is very simple and takes about 20 minutes. If you want to make the numbers stronger and more durable, you can reinforce them with a layer (or two) of paper and glue. To do this, apply the adhesive to the strips of paper and paste around the cardboard structure. The design and decoration of numbers

  • Step 1: Prepare the crepe paper. Decoration takes more time, especially if you make some kind of unusual design. Crepe paper need to make a small garland. Now we will analyze in detail how to do this. First cut strips of crepe paper about 8 cm wide.
  • Step 2: Making the fringe. Cut the stripes on both sides into small pieces of fringe.
  • Step 3: Preparing for sticking. Fold the strips in half so that when pasting you get a lush fringe.
  • Step 4: Design Choice. Here we will make a zigzag design for the number “2” and a wavy one for the number “5”. In order to simplify its execution, it is better to draw lines by number based on how far apart zigzags or waves will be located. Then, guided by these pointers, we will glue the fringe.
  • Step 5: Begin to glue the fringe. We glue from bottom to top. Apply glue to the bottom of the digit, following the selected pattern (that is, if you made marks with a pencil, apply glue over them). Take a crepe paper fringe and dip into the applied glue.
  • Step 6: Finishing the layout. Continue adding glue and fringe, moving higher and higher in numbers until your design is completed. Please note that each next layer of fringe slightly overlaps the previous one, creating a larger volume. In the finished version, the figure should be glued on all sides.
  • Figures can be filled with candy!

    • Carefully cut a hole at the top of the figure to place candy inside.
    • Also make two small holes through which stretch the rope for fastening.
    • Then attach the cut part of the number back to the same place. Consider the correspondence between the weight of candies and the strength of the structure, so that they do not fall out by themselves before the bat hits the number.

    - Ideas and Tips Some additional tips:

  • To strengthen the construction of the figures can be insertedadditional cardboard partitions. Thus, the front and back of the number will be connected not only along the seams, but also by these cardboard columns (their width must be equal to the width of the letter).
  • When attaching paper fringe, glitter and other decorations, double-sided tape can be used instead of glue. To do this, apply it immediately to the entire surface, and then glue the decorations.
  • If the jewelry is heavy or large (for example, a flower on top of a numeral), then a glue gun can be used for a more secure fixation.
  • In the above master class, we decorated the figures with crepe paper, but, of course, this is not the only way to cover the cardboard structure. Let's look at other possible design options. Additionally, you can do - as in the photo below, a detailed lesson on the link.

    Corrugated paper decor

    The process of making numbers with corrugated papersimilar to working with crepe, but it will almost certainly be immediately at hand at home if you have small children. Of course, it is better to use double-sided colored paper. LIFEKHAK: You can glue and white office paper, and then paint it with watercolor or spray can. You can also add color tape, which will decorate the figure and will additionally hold the paper. TIP: If you have a dense multi-colored napkins, they can also be cut into a fringe and used for decoration.

    From paper napkins

    For the manufacture of such flowers, we again need crepe paper or the easiest way to take paper napkins. Step by step instruction decor letters:

  • cut one square out of such paper;
  • fold the accordion and bandage in the middle;
  • fluff to create a flower shape.
  • ATTENTION: Flowers can be in one color or in different colors, harmoniously combined with each other. The more flowers, the more volume will be created.

    Glue with cloth

    Fabric strips are also suitable for the design of volumetric letters, and it can be glued without pulling, but making small folds, forming additional volume.

    • Glue take - PVA and silicone

    A fabric flower of contrasting color will wonderfully suit for additional decor.

    New Year's rain

    Rain can be used not only as a decorationChristmas trees or premises for the new year, as we have become accustomed to do. For the decoration of numbers, it is especially convenient because it is already cut into a fringe, it remains only to glue to the cardboard construction.

    Glitter or Glitter

    When decorated with sparkles or glitter, the numbers for the birthday are less voluminous, but they sparkle and shine. So here as someone like more. How to make these figures birthday:

  • Option one - apply PVA glue on all surfaces and sprinkle with glitter.
  • Option two: buy ready-made paint glitter in the bolonchik.
  • Tip: after glitter coating, apply varnish on top so that they do not crumble onto the floor and remain on your hands when you touch them. Do not forget - this article contains ideas!

    Figures from photos

    Creating numbers for anniversary or wedding anniversaryYou can make a design with the help of small photo cards with images of the most significant and happy life moments. It will be much more original for a framed photo or wall collage and will definitely surprise and delight the heroes of the occasion. You can also decorate with beautiful clippings from magazines or cards.

    Acrylic paint

    Bulk numbers can be simply painted usingbrush or spray. Just pay attention to the fact that after gluing the cardboard construction there is an adhesive tape on the top and after painting it can be seen. Paint: the best option is acrylic paint. TIP: Therefore, for a more accurate result, we initially recommend sticking paper on top of the cardboard, but using double-sided tape to make a flat surface. Let these numbers, regardless of the chosen method of design, give joyful emotions to you, birthday men and all guests of the party, because this is their purpose! Successes!

    Figures for boy

    A few design ideas for a boy: simple and tasteful Unit for girl For girls, you can show imagination and make numbers in the form of their favorite heroes unicorns or princesses.