Butterflies in the interior: fluttering do-it-yourself decor (71 photos)

Butterflies in the interior: fluttering do-it-yourself decor (71 photos)

Details are essential for properperception of the interior. For example, butterflies in the interior can decorate your living room. Properly selected details can refresh and revitalize a boring or boring design. Butterflies are associated with lightness, beauty and summer, which is why they are perfect for decoration of an apartment. Butterflies can flutter on the walls, circle around the ceiling, decorate home textiles and revitalize familiar details. This design will fit perfectly into any style of the home, adding a twist to it. Content

Fluttering butterfly decor on the walls and ceiling

Butterflies spread their wings on the walls. A wide assortment allows you to choose any butterflies in color and size. Place them yourself, or use ready-made design ideas. Fill the entire room with flying beauties, or place a few in the corner. In any case, the presence of bright or plain insects will bring lightness and beauty to your interior. Butterflies fluttering on the walls carry away thoughtsinstilling lightness in us Wallpaper with butterflies in the interior If you are just thinking about design, buying wallpapers with butterflies already applied to them is a simple and practical option. Designers offer to glue such wallpapers not completely on all walls, but to single out one or two zones, diluting them with contrasting calm tones. Wallpaper with butterflies diluted with calmcontrasting wallpaper If you want to make butterflies the main accent, then choose more calm, monochrome tones. You can alternate wallpaper between each other, changing the color of the picture and the main background. Monochrome wallpaper butterfliesThe image of a beautiful insect personifies the summer riot of colors. Feel free to choose any color palette you like. Especially successfully bright colors will look in the living room and children's rooms. Wall and Furniture Stickers Using Stickersit is very easy to revive and diversify the boring interior. They will be indispensable if you were not able to find a wallpaper of suitable design. The stickers are now available in various designs, all of which are easy to use. You just need to choose the option you like and allocate space for them on the wall. Butterflies breathe life into the simplest interiorThere are several basic types of wall stickers. The simplest of them is smooth vinyl stickers of various shapes and colors. Such stickers can decorate not only walls, but also furniture. Stick them randomly or stick to the design suggested by the manufacturer. You can mix several varieties for greater brightness and variety. Designers suggest using vinylstickers representing a whole pattern. Such a set requires more space, but a picture consisting of many winged beauties sets the tone for the entire room. Volumetric butterfly decor A very interesting wayto decorate the walls - the use of 3D decor in the design. Usually walls are decorated in this way, but sometimes volumetric decor can adorn the ceiling. This decoration is a three-dimensional figures of butterflies that are attached to the wall with buttons, Velcro and various other tools. Butterflies as if ready to soar up. Tip: You can make such a decoration with your own hands. Look for a detailed master class on manufacturing 3D volumetric decor at the end of the article. Volumetric design looks really very stylish, butterflies look like living ones. Choose lighter, thinner and more flexible materials, then when the wind blows, the butterflies will rustle their wings, preparing to fly up. Pictures made from many different voluminous butterflies look spectacular. A truly magical sight, invented by fashion designers. You can easily implement a similar design at home. Similar voluminous pattern or inscription woven.of butterflies is a work of art. Paintings - we decorate the walls with butterflies A more conservative way to decorate the walls of rooms is the use of paintings. You can choose ordinary or 3D paintings of different sizes and place them on one wall or all at once. The pictures are practical, because you can replace them or remove them at any time. Butterflies in paintings seem no less alive thanvoluminous wall stickers Use voluminous paintings in the interior, butterflies on them seem to come to life. You can put such a picture on the bedside table to admire it before going to bed. Soaring butterflies in a 3D picture To decorate a wall, use several paintings. To do this, you can use special modular paintings or just hang a lot of different paintings nearby. Unusually look paintings - herbaria madefrom a dried real butterfly framed. Such a picture will bring naturalness and life to the interior. You can create a similar masterpiece yourself or purchase it in a specialized store. An interesting move is to decorate the wall with several similar paintings, creating a kind of gallery. Pictures of real butterflies in the interior of the Butterflyon the ceiling in the apartment When designing, it is important to pay attention not only to the walls, but also to the ceiling. Images of butterflies on the ceiling look very organic, because the insect loves air and height. Such an image will give you aesthetic pleasure, you just have to raise your eyes. Butterflies look good on the ceiling.order a decorative painting of the ceiling is still under repair. According to your sketches, a suitable image of the right size will be applied. Such drawings look impressive, but changing them in the future will be problematic. A more practical option is to usevarious stickers for decoration. You yourself can create the desired picture and change it at any time. Try planting one or more 3D butterflies on your ceiling. When the wind blows, the wings will flap. This decoration is especially appreciated by your children. Volumetric butterflies harmoniously look on the ceiling

Butterflies on furniture and home decoration

If you decide to let in your home as much as possiblemore winged beauties or, conversely, want to limit yourself to one, but noticeable detail, pay attention to various objects for the interior. Designers now offer a wide selection of furniture and home accessories that will decorate any apartment. Furniture with butterflies. The choice of furniture must be approached responsibly. Unusual designer furniture is in itself a wonderful decoration that can solo in the interior. Butterfly-shaped furniture will even fit into that interior where there is no longer any hint of insects. Will this one item or headset - you choose. Lamps with butterflies Various lamps inthe shape of butterflies or decorated with them look very beautiful. They seem to highlight the butterfly, giving it a mysterious look. Such lamps are often used as nightlights. Hang a chandelier decorated with butterflies in your room and around you, many moths will flutter all the time. Master class on making a beautiful chandelierdo it yourself at the end of the article. A clock with butterflies in the interior Modern design finds will help you check the time and at the same time observe the flight of butterflies. The clock, as if woven from many moths, will decorate any room and will not go unnoticed by your guests. Mirrors and butterflies - how to combine Choosea butterfly-shaped mirror, and now the fashionable accent in the room is ready. Such a mirror will make you more often admire yourself. And if desired, add a few more butterfly figures to the interior. Textile: curtains, carpets and bedding with butterflies According to the idea of ​​manufacturers, butterflies should fly on curtains, bedding and even a carpet turns into a beautiful huge butterfly. Even if you are not sure that you are ready to admire the flight of these creatures daily, choose bed linen with their image. It can always be changed if necessary. Who knows, maybe you will make friends with flying beauties.

We decorate the apartment with butterflies with our own hands

In order to give personality andbeautifully decorate your apartment is not necessary to buy expensive decor. You can make beautiful unusual jewelry from butterflies yourself. The whole family can be involved in such a creative process, so you will have a common lesson and a ton of new ideas. We offer two simple lessons, by completing which you will get an unusual wall design and a beautiful airy chandelier. Master class: do-it-yourself butterflies on the walls DIY wall decor for butterflies you will need:

  • Color paper, choose double-sided,
  • Stencils,
  • Pencil,
  • Scissors,
  • Double sided tape.

Creating a decorative decoration:

  • Take colored paper, according to stencils of differentsize outline the contours of the future decor and carefully cut. The number is not limited, the more butterflies you make, the more interesting the drawing will turn out.
  • Bend the butterfly wings slightly, leave the middle straight.
  • Glue a small piece of adhesive tape to the straight section.
  • Create a unique art object on the wall or ceiling: arrange butterflies randomly or in the form of a picture. We make butterflies ourselves
  • See also:. Master class: do-it-yourself butterfly chandelier Materials:

    • Thick paper or cardboard,
    • Medium metal ring,
    • Wide tape
    • Fishing line, or thin thread,
    • Scissors,
    • Glue,
    • Stencil. Butterfly chandelier. Materials Butterfly Stencil

    We make a chandelier with our own hands:

  • On a metal ring, make a cross of wire right in the center. It is important to securely attach the wire to the ring - this is our frame.
  • We cut out butterflies of the same size, you can use a stencil.
  • We prepare pieces of fishing line of about 50 cm each.
  • We attach the blanks to the fishing line on glue, 4 butterflies should fit on each segment.
  • We attach the fishing line pieces to our frame, trying to maintain the same distance between them.
  • From the tape we make the mount for our chandelier.
  • The original decoration for the room is ready. A delicate butterfly chandelier is ready
  • Make your apartment airy, breathe into itA warm summer breeze is possible at any time of the year. Just add butterflies to the interior and the apartment will begin to look in a new way. You yourself will not notice how to dive headlong into a state of lightness and weightlessness. Such decoration for apartments is appropriate in any room and is combined with any design. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!