Embroidery Butterfly Cross Schemes and Recommendations

Embroidery Butterfly Cross Schemes and Recommendations


Those who belong to lovers of miniatureEmbroideries, cross-stitch patterns for butterflies will be useful, from which you can create a panel. Embroidery of a butterfly will decorate the wall and will become an excellent element of the decor of any room. They say that they are a symbol of happiness in the family, and also bring joy and love into it. By feng shui two fluttering butterflies embroidered on the panel, will help to live in your home happiness, mutual love, peace, comfort and peace of mind. In ancient times, embroidery was considered one of the most popular.

Embroidery of multi-colored butterflies according to schemes

We suggest you make an embroidery of a butterfly with beautiful multi-colored wings. The scheme is not easy, it is carried out by a cross.
For this we need:

  • canvas;
  • Thread floss (colors by numbers can be seen under the scheme);
  • Special needles (they need to be picked up correctly, according to the size of the canvas);
  • scissors;
  • Embroidery frame.

To begin with, we recommend that you sweep the edges of the canvas,So that they do not get messed up in the process of creation. You can do it yourself or with a machine. You can not sweep, and grease the edges of the canvas with quick-drying glue or transparent nail polish.
Since the work is voluminous, and you will have to embroiderA lot, we recommend you make yourself a marking on the fabric, the same as in the diagram (squares of 10 to 10 cells). This can be done with a special water marker, which is easily eliminated by water, or marked with normal colored threads and pulled out during the work.
First, we define the center of the canvas. To do this, it is necessary to fold it exactly 4 times and make a corresponding note for yourself. Start with the thread color that is most present. At us it is purple and yellow. It is better to choose to start work is yellow, because the yellow threads can begin straight from the center of the fabric.
As you can see from the diagram, you need to make a fringingWings, patterns and antennae. This is done with a "back needle" seam or in some cases "painting" (forward work is done with odd stitches, and back - even).
At the end of the embroidery, especially if you did onMark it with a water marker, it is necessary to wash it, let it dry and pat. Choose a beautiful frame, and the picture is very beneficial to decorate any room in your house.
If you are just beginning to embroider, and schemes with multiple color transitions for you are still difficult to perform, we suggest you to embroider a butterfly with a cross easier.
For embroidery according to this scheme, you only need seven colors of floss yarn. The size of this butterfly's scheme is also smaller than the previous one.

To begin with, as usual, we sweep out the canvas orGlue the edges with glue. We will find the center of work, for which we turn the canvas four times and make ourselves a little point. Then, starting with the cents, we'll make the necessary markup (10 by 10 cells). After that, you need to determine the color, from which you can begin easier, and you can proceed. For work on this scheme it is better to start with a dark brown color. In the center is the body of a butterfly, from which the dark brown threads smoothly pass into the wings.

When you have finished embroidering, you need to make a mark. This is done with a "back needle" seam. A mark is present in the wings, and will also serve as the antennae of the butterfly itself.
Having finished erasing the canvas, we dry and iron. We do it carefully so as not to spoil the work. After picking up the frame by the size, we insert the picture into it.
The paintings, embroidered with a cross, look veryBeautiful and effective in any interior. If you would like to make pleasant to your relatives or friends - embroidered fluttering butterflies will be an excellent gift that will not only please the eye, but will be a symbol of happiness and well-being in the house.

Schemes for embroidery of colorful butterflies