Butterfly embroidery with ribbons: ideas and master classes

Butterfly embroidery with ribbons: ideas and master classes


Inspiration for this or that needlework can beLook everywhere. All that surrounds us can be the basis for creating a beautiful creation with our own hands. Today in the rubric of embroidery ribbons, you will learn how to embroider a butterfly. Such a beautiful fluttering insect is a great idea for decorating a pillowcase, it's a wonderful extra element on
With floral motifs. Finding the application of a butterfly from ribbons is not at all difficult, and embroidering it is easy enough. What are you now and make sure.

How to embroider a butterfly with ribbons

Embroider a butterfly with satin ribbons, can any,Even a beginner skilled worker. On average, this work takes you from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the skills. For embroidery, prepare ribbons with a width of five and twelve millimeters. You can use a different width of material, so your butterfly will eventually take on a more voluminous appearance than the one presented in this master class.
At the first stage, you need a preparedFabric embroider the body of tape, a width of five millimeters. For this, a "forward needle" seam is used. Note that the distance between the stitches should be small (just a few warp yarns), a length of four and a half centimeters. Next, a 1 cm stitch is laid, which will serve as a butterfly's beak. After that, the needle is displayed on the outside.

Next, the tape wraps around the needle a fewTimes and is displayed on the wrong side near the previous puncture. You need to tighten the tape tightly while holding the needle through the base. Follow the step-by-step photos that illustrate the progress of the work.
So on the outside, you should have a knot, like in the photo. The next antenna is done similarly.

The butterfly's wings are embroidered with a seam "loop with a fastener". Embroidery of the second wing occurs with a slight overlap to the first.

To create the lower wings, use the tape withGreater width. In this case, use a "long stitch with a curl" seam. The tape adheres to the front, then bends to the wrong side. Then, in the opposite direction, you need to pierce the needle vertically at the top of the satin material with respect to a certain length of the stitch. As a result, you should form an acute corner, formed of symmetrical curls along the cents of the ribbon, as in the photo.

The second lower wing is also embroidered.
Gentle butterfly from ribbonsThis completes the master class. Look how such a lovely butterfly from ribbons blended into the overall floral composition, embroidered with ribbons.

Original butterfly from kapron ribbons

Another interesting option, will show you the idea of ​​embroidering a butterfly from nylon ribbons. Step-by-step photos of the master class will help you easily repeat such an element on any material.
To create the next butterfly, prepare:

  • Tapes;
  • Needle;
  • scissors;
  • beads;
  • A lighter;
  • Fabric for embroidery.

The master class begins with a ribbon cutting onSmall segments that fold in half. Then, diagonally make a marking with threads and cut the ribbon into two parts. The next element is also typed onto the thread, using an offset seam. Cropped edges must be scorched with a cigarette lighter so that the material does not crumble.

By pulling the thread, you get a pair of wings. Repeat the previous steps and create one more wings.

The made workpieces are sewed together andAre fixed on the selected material. After that you can go to the decor. As the body, use a few beads of light shade, and for the head - one dark. Antennae are stitched with ordinary stitches with a thread of black color.

Next, you can give vent to your imagination and add interesting decorative elements. For example, in this, the master class was additionally embroidered with a floral stem and several roses from satin ribbons.

The resulting gentle and airy butterflies beautifully complemented with a monophonic towel fabric.

Video: Learn how to embroider a butterfly