Cactus from beads: different ways of weaving (photo and video)

Cactus from beads: different ways of weaving (photo and video)


Cactus is an amazing plant, but it bloomsQuite rare. For all lovers of such flora we offer an original master class with photos and video materials that will help make a blossoming cactus from beads. To make such a miracle is not difficult. Even a novice master will cope with such work. There are several methods for making such a flower with your own hands. Consider the three most popular ways.

Master-classes on weaving cacti from beads

Cactus "Fairy" For work you will need:

  • wire;
  • green beads;
  • Gently blue beads;
  • Blue seed beads;
  • Yellow bright beads;
  • Styrofoam;
  • gypsum;
  • Isoleted or paint;
  • Potty;
  • glue.

This is the easiest way to make a beautiful cactus from beads.
Cactus spines
At the first stage we will create spines forCactus. This beadwork can be done in two ways. You can make each spike separately, but you can thread a lot of beads on the wire and count the number of beads in order. We will do the second method.
We take a coil of wire and thread severalDozens of green beads. We separate eight beads. The first four we pass, in the next four we pass the end of the wire. You will get a ringlet. We cut it off in such a way that, on the one hand, there is a piece of empty wire measuring 3 centimeters, and on the other hand, one centimeter. It turned out to be one thorn. A few dozen such loops are needed. The exact number is difficult to name, since it all depends on the size of the flower. After the desired number of rings is ready, they need to be arranged in piles of five pieces. Each group is twisted together.

Basis for cactus
At the next stage, the master class assumesCreation basis. To do this, take the plaster and dilute with water according to the instructions on the package. Then it should be poured into a pot. After that, a piece of foam with a knife should be given the desired shape. Here everything depends only on your imagination, since the shape of the cactus can be very diverse. Place the foam in the mold with gypsum and fix it until it is completely solidified.
Next, it needs to be painted green. For such work, paint can be taken any. It is also suitable for ordinary watercolor. You can use green tape instead of paint. It turns out much more accurate and the base looks more natural. Needles must be densely distributed throughout the workpiece. The photo shows how to perform this process. If you see that the tips of the wire have different sizes, after inserting all the beams with beads, they can be trimmed with scissors.

Flower Creation
In the next stage we will make a flower. This beadwork is performed by French technique. Cut off a piece of wire. At one end we make a small loop. We string nine beads gently blue and two darker colors. Attach an additional piece of wire near the last blue bead and dial thirteen light and three dark beads on it. This is an approximate number, as ideally they should fit tightly to each other and to the first row.
The second layer should be slightly larger than the first. We fix the wire close to the dark beads and make the same row on the second side. In total, on each side of the main low there should be four beaded lines. Each row is tightly fixed with one turn of wire. It was the first petal. The diagrams show in detail the method of weaving. There are four such petals.

The same method of weaving should make five more such blanks, but a little smaller. And the rows on each side of the main are low, in this case, we make only three.

Further, the master class will help to make stamens forFlower. To do this, you need to dial twenty yellow beads on the wire. From the first three we make a noose. The long end of the wire must be threaded into the remaining beads in the opposite direction. In this way we make a fan of 13 stamens. The number of beads each time you need to dial a different number. Then the stamens will turn out magnificent. In the correctness of their actions can be seen on the photo.

Next, proceed to the formation of the flower. To do this, take a thick wire and put the stamens and petals to it in this order: first the stamens are then in small petals, and only after that are large. The resulting flower should be inserted into the plant. The cactus from beads is ready!

Cactus "Magic" For a flower you will need:

  • Orange beads,
  • Yellow beads;
  • Green beads;
  • white beads;
  • green beads;
  • beads;
  • wire;
  • gypsum;
  • Decorative flower pot;
  • scissors.

This cactus of beads paddles in the French technique.
Making petals for a flower

The scheme of weaving petals for a cactus flower Let's startMaster class with the smallest petal (scheme number 1). To do this, cut a piece of wire 35 centimeters long and make a large loop at one end. String ten orange beads and again make a large loop on the second side. This will be the middle of the petal. After that, the free end of the wire must be typed on two beads more and screw. The petal should look like this: in the center is the smallest low of orange beads and on the sides of it there are three sets of a slightly larger size. Each successive series has a greater number of beads than the preceding one. Remove the unwanted wire. The lower end is well curled. The petal is ready. Considering the diagrams, you can verify the correct sequence of work. There are ten pieces to make such blanks.
Next, you need the same method to make 7 petalsMedium size (scheme number 2). They will need orange, white and yellow beads. Start the work with 15 beads, each next row, adding two. On each side of the base there should be five low.
The next stage of weaving a flower needs to be doneSeven more petals of the largest size (scheme number 3). They are made in the same way. For weaving, white and light beads are used. The base consists of 15 beads. In total, you need to create six arcs on each side.
Next, we prepare stamens. To do this, cut the wire length of 12-15 centimeters and thread three yellow beads. Make such three procrastinations. Fold them together, twist and put them in a big yellow bead. We connect together the petals and stamens. Well twist.
Cactus trunk

Then you can start creating a barrel of cactus. It is done in the same way as the petals of a flower, but much larger. For this weaving is based on twenty-two beads of green color. Of the same beads is thirteen rows of each side. The fourteenth row needs to be made from a salad bead. You need to twist the prepared piece in the center with a wire. This is necessary in order for the large sheet to hold its shape well. There are five pieces to make such blanks.
Each leaf bends in half along the length. All blanks are joined together by the sides and twisted around the edges with a wire. It will serve not only as a connecting material, but also becomes an imitation of thorns.
Next, proceed to the formation of a cactus. In a flower pot you need to put a crumpled newspaper. Dilute gypsum with water and pour on paper. We place a barrel of cactus into it and fix it until it is completely solidified. The flower should be inserted into the top of the trunk and fixed with glue. To decorate the frozen gypsum, you can use decorative stones or sand. Flowering cactus from beads ready!
In the video lesson at the end of the article, you can see in detail the process of creating a similar cactus from beads, consisting of five parts.
Cactus "Spring" This master class is also performed in French technique. As a result of this beadwork, the cactus turns out to be incredibly beautiful and original.
For work you will need:

  • Dark green beads;
  • Green beads;
  • Pink seed beads;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Small decorative pot;
  • wire;
  • glue.

Determine the exact number of beads for such a flower with your own hands is impossible. Because its shape and size depends entirely on your desire.
Creating a barrel of cactus
For the trunk of the cactus you need to weave the leaves of threedifferent sizes. This beading is done by the French weaving method. For the smallest petal, five green beads should be used as a basis. On each side of it is made four arcs with a lot of the same beads, and the fifth row is made of light green beads.
Making large leaves, with eachThe sides of the stem are simply added over an additional row of green beads. In the photo you can see this process. In total, about five petals of small, seven - medium and eleven large ones are required. But again, it all depends on the size and shape of the cactus.

After that, you need to take the foam and cut out the necessary shape. We paint it with green paint. After drying, you can begin to form a flower.
We form a plant
Start creating better from the top, using onThe first stage the smallest blanks. In the photo you can see the sequence of work. The leaves are attached with glue and pieces of wire bent twice. The workpieces are fixed in a staggered manner on the foam plastic. The base of the foam is cut out so that it fits tightly into the pot. Fix the workpiece in the container.

Flower for cactus
Petals for a cactus flower are made byA similar technique of weaving, combining the colors of pink and salad beads. Thus, all you need to create 18 petals for the flower: 6 petals, each of which consists of 9 rows with a base of 20 beads, 4 petals in 11 rows with a base of 30 beads and 8 petals in 9 rows with a base also in 30 beads .

Next, we turn to the creation of pestles. For their manufacture, the parallel weaving technique is applied. In total, we harvest three pistils, each consisting of seven rows. After this, we connect wires to each other and select beads of light green color and twist together all three tips of the wire. In the end, we get a pestle.

To make stamens, you need to string onWire light green beads in the amount of 17 pieces and yellow beads in the amount of 3 pieces. Now, we form a loop of yellow beads on the wire, the end of which we pass through beads of green color. We need to make a fan of such stamens in an amount of 18 pieces.

Let's start assembling the flower. First, take our stamens and twist them around the stem of the pistil. Next, take small petals in an amount of 8 pieces, medium - 4 pieces, and the remaining large and fix them at the bottom of the wire under the formed middle of the stamens and pistils. Do it on your own, but so that it looks symmetrical. Ready flower is fastened with glue in the prepared hole in the cactus trunk. The cactus from beads is ready!

We provided three master classes for making cacti from beads. The choice is yours. Whatever method of creation you choose, such a flower will be an amazing addition to your interior.

Video: Fluttering blooming bead cactus of 5 parts