Cake "Herringbone" for New Year's table - master-class of baking with own hands

Cake "Herringbone" for New Year's table - master-class of baking with own hands

New Year's table should always be decorated with the mostinteresting, tasty and unique dishes. Of course, the set always impresses with its excessive tradition: we are used to seeing a herring under a fur coat, olivier, various home-made salads at the table and of course, the changes in such a set of dishes are very reluctant. But, the new year promises us new ideas and therefore, it's time to prepare for cooking unique dishes.

Cake "Herringbone" for New Year's table - master-class of baking with own hands

Cake Obviously, you can come up with sweet dishes,which will help to diversify the home, New Year's table, make children a separate holiday or simply, add new bright colors to it. There is a sea of ​​cookie recipes, Christmas cupcakes and pies. But, what about cakes? This also is, and, thematic! To your attention, a full-fledged master class and a lesson on creating a delicious New Year cake in the form of a Christmas tree. Such an elegant cake will not be difficult to surprise visitors to your living room. Not only is it very tasty, it looks quite different. Cooking such a cake will not be too expensive, and the recipe for cottage cheese has quite ordinary products, which you can buy directly in our stores. The cake will consist of a special test, which will need to be prepared in the first place. Also, be sure to make impregnation for the cake, to give it a refined and finished taste. And of course, what kind of cake can be cooked without the main ingredient - cream? Cake Ingredients and materials for cakeThe recipe for cooking includes a set of all ingredients, as well as step by step instructions for cooking a unique and masterpiece cake, which will undoubtedly become the main dish of this new year!

  • Take six eggs
  • Prepare one glass of sugar
  • Also take one glass of flour
  • Prepare soda in the amount of one teaspoon
  • It will take vinegar - also in the amount of a teaspoon

Impregnation option can be an adult:

  • A quarter cup of sugar
  • A quarter of a glass of water
  • One tablespoon of cognac, or wine (white)

Cake There is also a children's option:

  • Impregnation of tea with lemon

In order to form a cream:

  • Take a jar of condensed milk
  • It will take two hundred grams of butter
  • Take the dye green (food)

Sugar beads with a golden tinge are not worth taking, they will look beautiful, but they can not be eaten. Cake-cooking Cake To begin with, we are working on a biscuit. The method of preparing a biscuit is no different from cooking the same cake for an ordinary cake. It is necessary to wait until the biscuit completely cools, preferably, use it only the next morning. Korzh should be prepared for two days for the celebrations and in the evening on the day of the holiday itself - to prepare it. Using improvised tools, from the cake we form the necessary shape of the Christmas tree. This can be done both by template and by eye. The cork is cut with a sharp knife. In order not to break off the upper part of the cake, when making the removal, it must be covered with a pan cover (large), then - thrust the cake with a wide blade or using even two such blades to slip in the longitudinal and transverse areas. Next, with a quick jerk, turn the cake over the lid. Then, using the lid, in a similar way, we return the cake to its place. Impregnation for the cake Next, you need to do the impregnation. To do this, you need to pour the sugar into the water, which must first be boiled. Then, heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves and then remove it from the heat. Then, cool the liquid to a warm state and pour cognac into it, then mix it. For a cake of a childlike appearance, similar actions with tea and lemon. Cream for Herringbone Cake To make a cream, you need to take ouroil (slatable) in a softened form. Next, it should be beaten with a mixer for 30 seconds, then add two tablespoons of condensed milk and continue whipping until a magnificent cream appears, from which the corolla's trace will remain. Then, it is necessary to soak the cake from below and from above, and then - to spread the cream on these parts. Then, the lower cake is covered by the upper one. Remains of cream should be diluted with dye. If the dye is not gel, but dry, in the form of a powder, it should first be diluted with boiled water, then added to the cream, and whipped with a mixer, until we get the desired color. Decoration of a Christmas tree Cake Side parts of the cake should be lubricated witha small part of the cream, then - add coconut chips, the rest of the cream is placed in the syringe for confectionery products, using the nozzle of the star, we draw the product of the Christmas tree spikes. Get a clear picture, if you hold the cream in the refrigerator. The cake is almost ready! We take a shovel and move our confectionery product to a dish. Then, decorate the Christmas tree with different candies, for this Emblems can approach, which look just like Christmas toys. Then, using confectionery shavings, embellish our cake for special decorativeness. The cake is completely ready, it is necessary to soak it for several hours and then to serve.