Candles in shell by own hands

Candles in shell by own hands

Burning candles magically transforminterior, the atmosphere in which it becomes cozy and romantic. If you are already fed up with standard candles-medals, then we suggest making unusual candles in the shell with your own hands. Did you just think about the eggshell? No, we will also use shells from walnuts and coconut!

Candles in the shell from the egg with their own hands

Using the eggshell, make such unusual candles with your own hands. candles in shell from eggs In order to make candles in the shell, you will need:

  • raw eggs;
  • filler to choose from - beeswax, new candles or cinder, sunflower or olive oil;
  • wick - a thick thread or a wick from a candle;
  • a toothpick or a pencil;
  • a container for melt the wax.

Step 1. Melt the wax in a water bath. To do this, put the wax candles in the dishes (pan or glass), then put the dishes with wax in the boiling water on the stove. The wax melts slowly. Step 2. Prepare the egg shell. Take the raw egg and carefully make a hole in it from the "sharp" side. Empty the contents. You can rinse the shell with water to remove the remains of the egg. Step 3. Put the wick in the shell. To do this, take a thick waxed thread or wick from another candle, wind on a toothpick or pencil, put a toothpick on top of the shell, and place the wick in the middle of the shell. Step 4. Pour the melted wax into the shell. When the wax solidifies, cut off the unwanted length of the wick. If desired, the shell can be colored or even broken off, leaving only the wax. And in the wax - add shavings from the wax crayons, then the wax will acquire a shade. wax candles in the eggshell master-class Advice:

  • as a fuel, you can use olive or sunflower oil, then the work is the same, just do not need to heat the wax, put oil in the shell with the wick;
  • if you want to make wax candles completely inshape of the egg, then you will need to carefully make two small holes in the shell and pour the contents. Wipe the wick through the needle through both holes and the bottom with a clay or gum. Pour the wax, and after hardening break off the shell.

wax candles in an egg shell candles in the eggshell

Candles in the shell of walnuts

candles in a nut shell Small candles in the walnut shell are made exactly as in the eggshell. Only the scale is smaller, and enough such a candle for a while. But they can be put on the water! Candles in a nut shell master class Use halves of the nut, peeled from the contents. Wipe the wick with a toothpick, fill in the melted wax. candles in the nut shell with their own hands

Candles made of coconut shell

master class candle in coconut shell A rather rare version of the candles from the shell, thenot less also deserves attention. The work is the same as in the previous two options. Unless here the main task will be to split the coconut. To get even halves, try cutting a coconut with a saw. Knife peel the shell from the core. Place the wick in the coconut and pour the melted wax. candle in hand in the coconut shell candle in coconut