Candlestick from a glass bottle do it yourself - 5 minutes

Candlestick from a glass bottle do it yourself - 5 minutes

If you like unusual original and beautifulthings you would never think of throwing out empty glass wine bottles. After all, glass bottles are an ideal basis for so many beautiful and useful handicrafts that are perfect for home decor. For example, a very attractive and original candlestick from a glass bottle, which will become a worthy decoration in your home, can be made very easily and you will not have to spend a lot of time and money on its creation. Such a beautiful scented candle will decorate any interior of the living room. We offer you a simple master class on how to make an original candlestick from a wine bottle with your own hands. The content of the article:


In order to make beautiful and unusual scented candles we will need the following materials:

  • Cleaned and washed bottle of wine.
  • Glass colored balls for decoration.
  • Liquid for a torch (on a spirit basis).
  • Wick the right size.
  • Wick holder.

Wine bottle, glass colored balls, burner liquid and wick

Step by step candlestick making

Step 1 At the very first stage, it is necessary to carefully pour the balls for decoration into the bottle, so that they fill it to 1/3. Fall asleep balls for glass bottle Step 2 Cusing a watering can, pour a liquid-based alcohol-based burner into the bottle, and add essential oil to the same volume as you see fit, but about 15 drops will be quite enough. You can use absolutely any essential oil, everyone chooses the flavor according to their own taste. Fill liquid for burner on alcohol baseStep 3 For the wick, we place a metal holder in the neck of the bottle, for this you can use any cylinder or a metal ring that will fit in size. In order for the holder to sit tightly in the neck, you can wrap it in several layers with tape. In the role of the wick fit any metal ringStep 4 At the final stage, insert the wick of the required size (so that it reaches the decorative balls) into the holder and place it in the bottle, having fixed the holder well in the neck. That's all, our candle is ready! Fix the wick on the bottle It remains to placesuch candles in your living room, after which you can light them and enjoy the bewitching flame and pleasant aroma! Such candles from wine glass will be a wonderful complement to a romantic evening. Ready candle from the bottle Have a nice romantic evening!