Candlestick from a plastic bottle do it yourself: photo

Candlestick from a plastic bottle do it yourself: photo

A simple plastic bottle candlestickYou can create an exclusive and extraordinarily beautiful candlestick with your own hands from anything, for example, from an ordinary plastic bottle. Thanks to this master class, you will learn how to make an original and unusual candlestick from an ordinary plastic bottle. And if it is beautifully decorated, you get a wonderful and useful thing in the interior of the house. Candlestick can be used in a festive atmosphere and in everyday life. Often the results exceed expectations. The content of the article:


In order to make such an original candlestick, we need:

  • Plastic bottle.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Paint (preferably acrylic).
  • Brush.
  • Gun for liquid glue.
  • Decoration elements: ribbon, beads, etc.

Step by step making a candlestick from the bottle

Step 1 Cut off the top of a plastic bottle. First you need to carefully cut off the top of a plastic bottle. It will serve as the basis for the candlestick. Then you can proceed to the decor. Step 2 Apply glue for decoration We paint with acrylic paint in order toTo make the candlestick beautiful and original, you can use liquid glue that needs to be applied to the surface of the future candlestick with various patterns. After it dries, apply paint over it with a brush. Patterns made by glue will remain convex, andThe candlestick itself will look like an antique metal thing. In this case, the neck should be wrapped with a tape of the appropriate color, which should be put on the glue. Step 3 Decorate the base with beads Gluing white satin ribbon to the top of the candlestickAnother simple variant of the candlestick decor will be to simply paint the cut off top of the bottle white and glue pearls along the bottom edge. The top of the candlestick is also pasted over with white satin ribbon. This candlestick looks romantic, gentle and very beautiful. Step 4 Decor of twigs Very beautiful candlesticks can bemake for new year candles. To do this, you need to paint them red, decorate them with shiny golden sprigs, asterisks and elements from foil, and glue the top with a golden ribbon. With the help of glue-gun fasten the decor. After decorating, place the candles in the candlestick. Use with pleasure! We hope the result will please you!