Candlestick from seashells do-it-yourself photos and workshops

Candlestick from seashells do-it-yourself photos and workshops

No summer vacation by the sea is complete.without souvenirs, especially without those that can be collected by hand on the coast. A variety of shells by themselves - this is already an ornament, but if you add your imagination to everything, you can create something more original and unusually beautiful. For example, stylish candlesticks made of shells, which not only remain as positive emotions from your holiday, but also will be a long pleasant memory of summer holidays. Shells come in a variety of shapes and sizes.Therefore, thanks to this, you can make candlesticks of various kinds that will decorate your room or can create a cozy atmosphere for a romantic dinner. The content of the article:

How to paint a seashell

If your sea or river shells are not very beautiful color and you do not see your future candlestick in them, it does not matter. They can easily be painted in any color. Let us examine several methods.

  • The fastest and easiest is spray paint from a can. Here you can take absolutely any paint - the shell will endure.
  • Acrylic or oil paint with a sponge. From the brush will remain divorces. If the shell is small, the easiest way to dip it into the paint completely.
  • Using thin foil for decor. We will analyze in detail in the master class below.
  • Seashells are painted from a barrel

    Shell Foil Decor

    We need thin foil for decoupage, glue for decoupage or PVA. Work order:

  • Apply glue to the surface of the shell.
  • we wrap a decorative foil, after 1-2 minutes the foil will begin to soak up with glue and soften;
  • wait for 20-30 until completely dry and remove foil residues with a soft brush.
  • Master class: case of candle shells

    We suggest you make quite the easiestmaster class with a photo of a candlestick made of seashells in a nautical style that you can do with your own hands. To prepare such a candlestick you will not need to spend a lot of your free time and energy. You will need the following materials:

    • Seashells are medium or large.
    • The remains of a paraffin candle or a candle in a metal stand.
    • Wick.
    • Scissors.

    Before using the shells they need toto prepare. To start, rinse with running water or water with salt. If you do not, then the shells over time can emit an unpleasant smell that will spoil your craft. We take pill candles. After that, we take a candle and melt paraffin on a water bath or on a hot plate, if the candle is in a metal coaster. Melt the candle Then take a piece of the wick,put it in the sea shell, securing it with a dry piece of paraffin, and pour it with melted paraffin, while securing the wick in place with something. Leave it to dry completely (1-2 hours). That's it, our wonderful candle is ready for use! Pour wax into the shell We set the spotlight. In order to make the candlestick even more attractive, you can paint not the shell itself, but the wax. To do this, when melting wax it is necessary to add an oil dye. Colored shells candlesticks If you put them on the sea stones will make a great composition!

    From river shells

    Candlesticks can also be made from river shells according to this method especially effectively when they are many.

    Varieties of seashell candlesticks

    There are also many options and other candlesticks made from shells made with their own hands. Candlestick in the form of "Lily" A more complex version of such a candlestick would be to make it in the form of a lily. Oyster candlestick

  • For this you need large shells, wooden or ceramic base, glue gun and acrylic lacquer.
  • Having prepared the base for the candlestick, glue the first row of shells, and then the second and all subsequent ones over the first one, attaching the shells a little at an angle.
  • Then apply a layer of varnish on the shells and eventually you can decorate it with a golden or silver spray. Then insert a thick candle in the middle, and your candlestick will surprise you with its originality.
  • A wreath of river shells 2. From a vase or glass Very simple, but at the same time a very elegant candlestick is obtained if you place a thick candle in an ordinary glass or vase, then fill it with sea sand (it can be also river), about a third. In the circle of candles, put small shells and corals. 3. On a candle Very beautiful candlesticks can be created simply by gluing seashells of any size to a candle with a silicone gun. 3 From an old wooden candlestick If you want to throw out old candlesticks, do not rush to do it. Restore them, giving the original appearance, pasted over with shells of different sizes and different shapes.

    Safety regulations

    In conclusion, I would like to remind you of the observance of safety rules when using candlesticks with candles burning in them:

    • Carry the candlestick with a burning candle to be very careful.
    • Candlesticks should be placed only in places far from flammable things.
    • Hand-made candlesticks must be stable, and the candle itself must be firmly fixed.
    • When creating candlesticks it is worth using only those materials that do not ignite.

    We wish you all good luck, the best inspiration and creative success!