Candlesticks from the bottles do-it-yourself: photo and master class

Candlesticks from the bottles do-it-yourself: photo and master class

To date, the candlestick is notso much functional as an aesthetic object in the design of space. Candle fire can make the atmosphere of any room beyond the mysterious and exciting, but at the same time more calm and cozy. Romantic bottle decor Even if the candle is notlit, then an elegant candlestick will act as an excellent decor in your home. Beautiful original candlesticks are quite expensive, and the usual standard factory products are unable to surprise with their design. Therefore, the most ideal solution would be to make an individual candlestick with your own hands. You can create an original and unusually beautiful candlestick from anything, for example, from empty glass bottles. Original and unusual candlesticks fromempty glass bottles. So bottles of wine or beer are perfect for making beautiful scented candles that will be a worthy decoration of the interior of the living room. Candle holders from glass bottles can be made tofor any reason For many crafts glass bottles can be used entirely, but in most cases the bottle must be cut. How to do it? See the master class. The content of the article:

    How to use the top of the bottle

    From the cut top glass bottle cancreate wonderful glowing lanterns, they will warm your home and envelop in a cozy light. And also perfectly suited as a decor for a wedding or a party. No lamp that radiatesartificial light does not give such an effect of romanticism as the light of a glowing candle. If there is a staircase in the house, then glass candle holders from bottles installed on the steps along the edges will be a very successful and extraordinary decoration option. A bottle covered candle creates a beautiful effect.If you cover a burning candle with a bottle without a bottom, you will get a wonderful, unusual and very effective composition. In the form of candlesticks for long candles, you can also use bottles of wine or beer, just by inserting candles in the neck of the bottle, and it will turn out great and beautiful.

    How to use the bottom of the bottles

    Candlesticks can also be made from the lower halves of the bottles by inserting the candles inwards and making bottle decor. We decorate the bottle canvas Stencil decoration The composition of the two bottles Decor bottle wax seal Also from the wine bottles can be made and an excellent garland for the New Year holidays. Bottle with garland inside Stencil and garland

    Bottle decoration

    Glass bottles for a candlestick can be leftin its original form, or paint it with paint, fully or partially decorate the surface of the bottle with a coil to the turn with hemp rope, decorate with rhinestones, beads and other decorating materials. For the New Year's candlestick, we create a snowy look, first rolling in a bottle of sea salt smeared with glue. Bottles painted with acrylic paint Gold decor Glass Bottles for Candlestick Candlestick base Rustic decor Bottles painted in silver from balonchik Painted gold Decor in white color Another choice of decorwill become a decoration of leaves, cones or coniferous twigs. You can pour water in different colors into transparent bottles, fill in rice, pebbles, beads, etc. In a word, with a bottle you can do everything that your imagination is capable of!