Cap knitted with needles for newborns with photo and description

Cap knitted with needles for newborns with photo and description


Knitting for kids is a pleasure: The result of work can be seen in a few hours, the yarn for knitting children's clothes is very soft and pleasant, and the colors are delicate and pastel. Little children grow very fast, because of this, very often you have to buy new things. Young mothers who know how to knit, in this regard, lucky - clothes that are no longer the size, you can either tie up, or knit a new, time and money it takes quite a bit. And those who only picked up knitting needles, it will be useful to consider several variants of knitted caps for newborns, with a description.

Newborn children need to be protected from drafts, wind, and also the scorching sun, so a knitted cap for a newborn with needles will always come in handy at any time of the year.

How to choose a yarn

Hats for newborns are better to connect from natural, soft, hypoallergenic yarn, for example:

  • wool. Warm winter caps are knitted from merino yarn or alpaca, as they are very soft, and will not irritate the delicate skin of the baby;
  • Wool + acrylic fiber. Acrylic in the composition makes the yarn softer and more pleasant to wear;
  • acrylic. Despite the fact that this is an artificial material, high-quality acrylic is suitable for children's things. It does not cause allergies and irritation. It will make a great spring hat;
  • cotton. Ideal for tying a summer hat;
  • viscose;
  • linen;
  • bamboo;
  • silk.

Not suitable for children's things:

  • mohair;
  • angora;
  • polyamide;
  • Lurex.

We knit a bonnet

Chepchik tightly encircles the baby's head, goodKeeps by means of strings, and protects ears from drafts. Let's try to connect the double-sided cap with knitting needles. This is a very simple model, from which even a novice needlewoman can cope.

For work you will need a yarn of two colors. Composition choose based on seasonality: soft wool for the winter or cotton for the summer.
Scheme to this model is not needed, binding is an alternation of strips of the front and the back of the surface. In the description, abbreviations will be used:

  • P is a series;
  • n - loop;
  • Ipt - the back loop;
  • Ln - the front loop;
  • Ig - the purest surface;
  • Лг - the facial smooth surface;
  • Ц1 - a thread of one color;
  • Ц2 - a thread of a different color.

Now knit as follows:

  • Dial 70 loops;
  • 1 Р (Ц1) - ЛП - ИП - LP - ИП (elastic 1х1);
  • 2 Р (Ц1) - we continue to knit an elastic band ИП - ЛП - ИП - ЛП;
  • 3 Р (Ц2) - a thread of a different color ЛП - ИП - ЛП - ИП;
  • 4 Р (Ц2) - ИП - ЛП - ИП - ЛП;
  • 5, 6 Р - two more Р elastic bands Ц1.

Next, Ts1 will always be tied with facial smoothing (facial P - knit LP, purl - IP), and Ts2 - with purl face (faces, R - IP, purl - LP):

  • 7, 8 P (Q2) - IG;
  • 9, 10 Р (Ц1) - ЛГ;
  • 11, 12 P (L2) - IG;
  • 13, 14 P (U1) - LH;
  • 15, 16 Р (Ц2) - ИГ. Break off the thread;
  • 17 Р (Ц1) - ИП. We break off the thread.

We turn over the working cloth and divide the loops intoTwo spokes, 45 П on the left and 25 on the right 18 Р (Ц1) - 19 ЛП - 2 П simultaneously ИП. We turn the working cloth 19 Р (Ц1) - 20 ИП - 2 П simultaneously ИП. The work is inverted.

Continue to tie the average 20 P untilThe sides will not be left with three pins. Next, in each P knit 2 P together with each side in the central part, remembering to subtract from the sides. When there are 7 P on the spoke, close them. It remains to bind the strings. This can be done by crocheting.

Depending on the chosen yarn, a knitted cap for a newborn can be not only warm winter, but also light spring.
A more detailed video master-class on how to knit a newborn's cap for a newborn is shown on the channel of Oksana Drobotova.
Video: Baby Cap for Your Baby

Hat with ear flaps

Consider a master class on a warm hat with ear-flaps for toddlers. This is a winter cap, so yarn is better to take Merino, or wool + acrylic 50/50:

  • Dial 70 loops;
  • We knit six R with an elastic band 3x2;
  • Further, one row - IP;
  • From the next P cap we knit N, we can apply the pattern "Rice";
  • After tying in 10 cm, we begin to loosen the loops, by tying each 7 and 8 П simultaneously;
  • When 12-14 stitches remain on the spoke, thread the thread through them, and cut. Leave a thread longer, so that you can make a seam;
  • Go to the stage of knitting "ears". On the sides of the cap we type 15 P;
  • We will connect 6 Р elastic band 2x3;
  • From the next P begin to decrease, tying 2 II at the same time at the end of each P. Until there is left 1 P;
  • Also we knit the second "eyelet";
  • Using the hook, you can tie the strings.

Svetlana Bersanova removed a very interesting video master-class on knitting hats with ear flaps.
Video: Cap with ears

Fishnet cap

A summer openwork cap for a newborn with knitting needles, is knitted from cotton yarn in this way:

  • Recruit 73 P;
  • 1 P - only LP;
  • 2 Р - only ИП;
  • 3 Р - накид - 2 together ЛП - накид - 2 LP at the same time. In the resulting "windows" you can insert a tape, contrasting or close to the yarn, color;
  • 4 R - IP;
  • 5 R - LP;
  • 6 p-Sm 3 P;
  • With 7 P you will need a pattern of openwork pattern;
  • Having tied 12 cm, begin the reduction to 56 P. To do this, close 17. P by tying two П together through an equal number П;
  • When there are 56 П, it is necessary to connect РЛ ЛП, and one Р - ИП;
  • Further, we must again uniformly add 17 П, untying two from one П;
  • Four P face surface;
  • The next P see 3P;
  • Two P - LH;
  • Close the canvas and sew. We make a lapel along the second R "windows" and fix it. Through the first F "windows" we pass the ribbon and pull off the cap. It turns out summer openwork cap with knitting needles.

On the channel of the master Julia Dolgovaya there is a video master-class on knitting a beautiful fishnet cap for toddlers.

Video: Hat for baby