Hats for dolls with their own hands, from cardboard, paper, fabric, beads, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Hats for dolls with their own hands, from cardboard, paper, fabric, beads, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

In addition to clothing, an important element in creatinga puppet character is, of course, a hat. Small or large, satin or paper, chic or modest - they can literally immediately transform your pupa. In addition, recently it has become very fashionable to use this toy accessory yourself as a brooch or barrette. Make a hat with your own hands for the doll will help our master classes with detailed photos.

Exquisite hat made of fabric, lace, ribbons and beads. Master Class

For the master class you need the following:

  • two pieces of diplirin and one piece of cloth;
  • lace and satin ribbons of different colors;
  • 3 or 4 beads;
  • Sewing accessories (threads, needles, scissors, sewing machine).

  • Fold two pieces of duplicate with each other, put them on the front side of the piece of cloth and draw a circle of the required size.
  • Sew a fabric and a duplicate on the marked marking among themselves.
  • At a distance of 3-5 mm from the edge of the circumference, cut the fabric.
  • Make a circle in the middle of the circle from the side of the duplicatecut with scissors and twist the fabric face-up through it. Carefully straighten the edges of the future cap and iron the entire part with an iron. Dublinin glued together and the hat will take a tough form.
  • Sew on the upper fabric part a piece of lace tape so that the stitches are not visible from the underside.
  • Sew the satin ribbon with a stitch seam, typing a bead through the needle 2 cm apart. Pull off the thread and attach a ribbon to the hat with a few stitches.
  • Do not cut off the thread, sew a second lace ribbon of another texture.
  • Bend one more satin ribbon along and sew in the form of a kantik. When you have a ribbon, sew it in the middle of the cap.
  • From above to the hat, you can sew an additional piece of cloth in tone, glue beads, feather or fur.
  • Elegant hatElegant hat is ready! Using this master class, you can make your own hats for a variety of dolls. Due to their luxurious appearance, they are especially suitable for dolls of rags.

    Hat of cloth, cardboard and plastic cover

    Make such a hat made of cloth and cardboard by yourhands for dolls are very simple. To do this, it is necessary to cut out one circle of cardboard, the second one is bigger, from the fabric, and the third one is also made of fabric, but of such size that when closing it closes the lid from under the plastic bottle. Then it will be necessary to put a cardboard circle and a lid in a circle from a fabric, to sew a fabric with a noisy suture, to pull and fix a thread. Now it will remain to paste the lid into the center of the circle covered with a cloth and decorate the hat with ribbons. A cloth hat

    A paper hat

    Make hats for your dolls you can withbeautiful paper and glue, the most important thing is to correctly draw and cut the fields and tulle, using notches for gluing. The parts are fastened with glue, and decorated with ribbons, braid, linen threads and other suitable accessories. A paper hat

    Straw hat made of thread

    Original hats can be created by own handsfor dolls, if you use a string of mulina. Such hats look like thatched and can be used in the form of brooches and hairpins. A distinctive feature of such a cap is the way it is made using a prefabricated blank. The dummy is made from a bottle stopper and a cardboard circle dressed on it. And since the threads are pasted onto the blank, it is previously wrapped with tape. The thread of the mulina is braided with a pigtail, which is wound and glued along the circle of the blank, starting from the top of the cork-tray. After the threads have dried, the hat for the doll is carefully removed from the blank and decorated at the discretion of the master. Straw Hat See similar master classes: