Postcard "lilac miracle": Quiling-card of lilac, master-class

Postcard "lilac miracle": Quiling-card of lilac, master-class

Handmade quilling is very versatile andinteresting in its performance. Therefore, various postcards, decor items and simply things are carried out using circuits that are involved in the technology. Today we will try to make our own card in the quilling technique, using one of the popular lilac flowers - the May-June symbol for each year. Therefore, if you want to make your own birthday card for a birthday present, or a themed summer holiday, you can not come up with a better idea. For the postcard you will need special materials for working with a postcard: in particular, paper for quilling and scrapbooking in lilac tonalities. It is advisable to choose a classic tone for postcards, light lilac and dark lilac perfectly combined with each other.

For work we need:

Lilac wonder: a postcard of a quilling lilac. Photo №1

  • Quilling paper, 3 millimeters wide and 5 millimeters (lilac, purple, white)
  • Scrapbooking paper of light lilac and dark lilac color
  • Corrugated paper and tools
  • Paper Tweezers
  • Quilting awl
  • Scissors for processing
  • PVA-adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Scissors, curly


Lilac wonder: a postcard of a quilling lilac. Photo # 2 To start, you need to form a workpiecefuture postcard. You can take it ready or do it yourself. A scrapbooking sheet is used to make a rectangle and then fold it in half. After, we work further. Scrapbooking paper is dense, therefore, great for development.


Lilac wonder: a postcard of a quilling lilac. Picture №3 Next, we work on the elements of the quilling technique. In our case, these are flowers. For this, we take quilling paper and make strips. We pass the strips through the corrugating tools. Next, wavy stripes are wound using a pen or a circular felt pen. They should be large enough diameter. after that, the petals for the future flower product are obtained. Using the tips of a twisted stripe, we make gluing with PVA. We get a circle with a hole inside. We need to make 5-6 petals of this shape. All this depends on how big our product will be.

Filling the petal

Lilac wonder: a postcard of a quilling lilac. Photo №4 The petal must be filled. for this we need to use decorative elements. Strip the paper with a quilling tool. You can make 3 turns. The tool is lowered by means of a strip for 1-2 centimeters, we also do 3 turns on the same side and after that, we repeat these actions until we form the whole strip in a similar kind. further, we cut the strip into two parts. The element must be rolled arbitrarily to fill the void inside the petals. Glue nothing is required, curls will also be held inside the product. Further, in this way it is necessary to fill all the petals. Next, we glue the petals together to make a full flower. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the large abundance of glue. Otherwise, the paper will be wet, and the petals will fall apart. One flower will not be enough, therefore, it is better to make several such flowers with your own hands and put on a postcard. Everything, your workpiece is done!