Cardboard organizer

Cardboard organizer

Keys, mobile phones, purse and other thingsfrom the pockets often do not have their own specific place in the apartment, so the questions "Dear, and you have not seen my this / this / this?" sound almost every day. To help those who are annoyed by this situation - a simple cardboard organizer for pocket things, made with his own hands of several sheets of cardboard. cardboard organizer

Materials for cardboard organizer

In order to make a cardboard organizer of this form you will need about 25 sheets of corrugated cardboard measuring 25 by 25 cm, a ruler, a pencil, a writing knife and glue.

Cardboard organizer with your own hands: work progress

First, think over the design of the futureorganizer, what will be there and what size. A universal solution is to make three blocks: for the mobile, for small things like keys and large ones - for a purse, a notebook and the like. Draw blocks on the first sheet of cardboard. how to make a cardboard organizer yourself With a sharp clerical knife, cut out the blocks. master class cardboard organizer yourself This sheet of cardboard will also be a template for the rest. master class cardboard stand with your own hands Using the template, cut out the blocks in other sheets of cardboard in approximately the following quantity: - 5 sheets with a large rectangular block cardboard stand with your own hands - 10 sheets with small and large rectangular blocks organizer from cardboard - 5 sheets with all three blocks, as on the template master class organizer of cardboard with their own hands Now it remains to glue all the sheets in the correctorder to get a different depth of each hole. First, glue several solid sheets of cardboard without holes. Then glue 5 sheets with a large rectangle, then 10 sheets with two rectangular blocks and, finally, sheets with all three holes. master class organizer of cardboard with their own hands cardboard organizer cardboard organizer Thus, we obtain a light cardboardorganizer - stand with holes of different depth for all sorts of things! Quick and simple project with their own hands, designed to order the chaos on the table and accustom to order. cardboard organizer A lot of interesting crafts with their own hands, original handmade gifts and fantastic ideas you will find on the fascinating resource Do it yourself!