Cardigan knitting - a knitting scheme with a detailed description

Cardigan knitting - a knitting scheme with a detailed description


Knitting cardigans with knitting needles according to the scheme with the description -One of the interesting options for creating a sweater, the main difference - the complete absence of a small collar. Such knitwear is beginning to be popular with the onset of coolness as a lightweight body-friendly cape or an interesting summer coat.

Modern schemes of models are presented at any,Choice and taste: elongated, fitted cardigans, trapezoids, interesting knitted flights, with a smell, short models to the waist, interesting colorful motifs of mysterious Asia, zippered zippers, simple buttons. Schemes of the basic patterns and details of the cardigan.
Cardigan with spokes has the main distinctiveLine - universality, it can be connected, as a man, and a woman. A young coquette, a child, will be delighted with the knitted needles of a warm coat. The demand for interesting products pushed the fashion designers to create different models for women, differing in the manner of knitting, shade, and length.

Master class knitting cardigan with belt

For knitting a slightly elongated light cardigan, favorably emphasizing the female silhouette, for a girl of 46-48 size, you will need:

  • 1 kg of a bright crimson shade;
  • Spokes are professional circular at number 3.

To connect an interesting pattern with knitting needles, the thread needs to be folded into several layers. Schemes and reliable description of the manufacture of a cardigan, presented in the photo.
The back of the model is knitted as follows:

  • Work starts from the back. On simple needles, dial 161 links and knit ninety rows of "Eng. Res. ": 1 FE, 1 LP. The scheme of this knitting involves the use of a small reduction - 1/1;
  • In the subsequent - 91 lane, we gradually close 50 p., Leaving 110: each 3 and 4 n. Capture together;
  • Facial smoothness - 92-95 row, str. R. - 97-98;
  • Thirty p. Knit people. Smooth. Repeat 4/4 and alternately - rel. Smooth - 129 of 132 rubles, of persons. - 133 for 136 rubles. Alternate including up to 260 strips, taking into account the details of the details - armholes;
  • Knitting the main armhole: on the 211th row, remove 5 pts. From two sides. In 211, 213 stripes, tie edged stems, grab 3 stitches together, in 214,218 streaks - several points in a row 4 times;
  • Neckline cardigan: Find the middle in the 253 strip, 22 middle links to count, start to gradually close. In 254, 256, equally from both sides carefully knit, with 11 points in the center, several times four times. In 254 rivers, 256 p. In the middle we unscrew once for 2 pcs. together;
  • The last - 259 r. Close the links. Take a few n. And remove, the formed link, return to the main spoke, re-capture another n. And knit similarly. We adhere to the sequence until the band is completely closed, pass the thread through the remaining n, and make a knot. The right shoulder of a light little coat is ready;
  • We also knit a similar cardigan piece in the same way.

The right bar and its description will be as follows:

  • Dial 92 pcs., Knit "Eng. Res. "90 r;
  • From the ninety-first page, 30 points to be removed evenly: the 3rd, 4th and nth are seized together;
  • In 92 rubles. Ten extreme lions. According to the scheme, bind the elastic band 1in1, 53 n. Alternating 4 LP, 4 OF;
  • We unfasten the scheme of the armhole armhole: the right shelf is formed as well as the back of the product.

Knitting the neck of a cardigan. Part of the original product is knitted in the 248th river. On the left, remove 16 loops. From 249, we take several links in a row four times (247.249 streaks). From 250 to 258 persons. Smoothly knit 259 - complete the cardigan, removing all the loops.
Cardigan sleeve, located on the right side. String 75 pet. And we knit 35 rows of "Eng. Rez. ». At 36 - 22 pet. Close, tying 3-4 pins at a time. 34-40 strip of faces. Chap. 41-44 - new., Alternate to 113. On the 49th floor. The cardigan cloth is gradually expanding, in each 8 r. Adding, for 1 pet. 7 times. We make an additional cake. Obtained 69 st. Knit l. Chap. Up to 163 a floor.
With 163 we proceed to design a line of a smallOCTA products sleeves, on both sides of the shelf begin to close three loops, tying together. In every 4th floor. Close the two pcs. In several rivers, in pcs. In the 9th row., 3 pet. 1n times. Until there are no 23 links left. We finish the part in the 193 series. The second sleeve of a light coat is knitted similarly. The density of the mating should be the same, the parts can not differ in width, length. The left bar of the circuit and the sleeve are made in the same way. Belt of a cardigan: dial 25 pcs., Perform an elastic band 1/1 240 row. contract. Close in the 241th r. Connection of the obtained parts. Zigzag tightly sew the resulting products: the backrest with the right and left shelf. Sew our sleeves neatly.
Long cardigan with needles to steam off, dry. A stylish model is ready, you can go for a walk in a light, beautiful "coat."

Video: Simple cardigan with knitting needles

We are knitting an ultra-trendy cardie "Sharpay"

At the moment, many needlewomen are askedThe goal is to tie a trendy cardigan, the name of which is given to people "shar pei" because of its kind of multi-layer skin of the same breed of dogs. In fact, this model from Lalo Dolidze is based on the gradual flow of color along the length of the entire product (as in the photo).
Let's consider what materials it is better to take for knitting the model of the most widespread 44th size:

  • Select threads with a wool percentage of at least 49%;
  • For such a thread size of 100 gr in the hatch will take 16 pieces (in this master class gradient consists of three colors);
  • Two pairs of spokes (No. 5, length 60 and 80 cm, 3 millimeters 40 centimeters circular);
  • Hinge holders.

The main cloth is passed and the cardigan backs (photo):

  • To start, dial 228 P (conditional reductionThe words "loop"), taking three addition threads. In the second P (the word "row" was conditionally abbreviated), the goal is to increase the number of P by twice, for this purpose the NK (napkin) is made after each knitted П from the previous P. This will increase the volume of the cardigan and make the bottom roundish;
  • 3rd P: KR, FE (back purl), 30 LOP (front). The order of the action is repeated until the end of P, until the last three P remain, bind them: 2 LP + 1 CD.

How to knit braids: the main pattern. The essence of the pattern - it's knitted braids all around the perimeter of the cardigan (just for size 44 will be 14 pieces). Each contains 30 P. Starting with the 4th P we knit braids, crossing 15 to 15 pet. To do this, 15 П need to be removed on the auxiliary spoke and placed behind the working surface, knit the following 15 П - LP. Move the knotted P to the working pin to free it.
Now knit removed 15 П on auxiliarySpoke with the help of LP. Finish 2 PIs. Then the next 15 D throw on dop. A spoke behind a working cloth and you sew 15 П - faces. The edge (ЛГ). Move the knitting on the line and take the pending 15 P. 2 nd PI. And so to the end of R. The next series - purl, is tied in analogy. Each cross is repeated once in 28 rows. Of the 14 obtained braids: 3 pieces will go to the shelves, 1-st on the armholes and six pieces. - Backrest.
Knitting an armhole. The projection should be increased in comparison with the shelf by 20 P, but less than the spin by 10 P. At the point of pullback in the backrest part, a decrease in the 1st P in odd P occurs. For this, tie two P at the same time. Simultaneously 10 П close on from transfer. Decrease in odd P according to the scheme: 3/3/2/2 loops. As a result, it turns out that the rollout of the armhole takes 30 P, which equals one pigtail. The shelves are knitted alternately, keeping the retraction height about 18 cm.
Formation of the shoulder is due to loopsSecond and third braid, which are closed. The remaining pigtail is tied (10 cm go to the gate). After this, P is closed on it. We make a return to the roll-out on the back part (back). The rollback of the armhole on the shelf will coincide with the back, if on the rear part you do a reduction of 1 in odd R.

Sleeves - this detail of the cardigan is knitted from below ontop. Having typed 50 П in the next Р do an increase in two times, by means of nakids, which is done after each bound ordinary П (in the sum it should turn out to be 100 П). We begin knitting braids, similar to the main canvas cardigan. If there is a desire to increase the volume of the sleeve, then it is possible to add in each of the opposite rows one P, which is tied with facial. Note that it is important to correctly choose the direction of the braid pattern (on the right sleeve direction to the left, on the left to the right, to the right).
Having reached the moment of pullback of the sleeve, it is necessary firstRemove 10 П, added earlier. A gentle roll on the back of the product dictates the need to also reduce the 1st P in each of the past. R. (scatter on the height of the retraction of the sleeve and backrest 10 P). Ahead is a deeper roll. We recommend immediately close 7 P and 1 st P for each of. R. three times. (In the sum it is also equal to 10 П). The knitting ends according to the reduction scheme: 3/5/10 П (from two sides). The remaining P are closed. We connect pieces of a cardigan together.
Joining parts of a knitted cardigan is simple,The knitting of the main canvas was monolithic. So we sew the sleeves to the product, the central collar zone, the gate itself to the back unit of the product and sew up the shoulder seams at the top.

Cardigan "The Bat"

Will go to such a cardigan of about 650 gramsMohair yarn. Also stock up with tools No. 7 (straight) and two pairs of circular ones, numbered No. 5 and 7. With cross knitting, the product comes out as one sheet.
The work starts on the left and knits across. Type 60 P and knit LH - 26 R. Do an increase by 1 m P to form the bevels. In every fourth P add eight times to 1P (by the method of a cape), in each 2m to 15 P. For four П add twice in each even number.
Further, additional 58P are dialed from the edges. 19 Р - knit directly. Then divide the whole working cloth in half (it is necessary for the neck of the cardigan). Get on 120 P on each half. First knit 30 P and leave, on the other side (the other 120 P) knit, typing in parallel to the right 15P (collar). Thirty P and close P.
Right shelf: dial 135P. Knit the LH - 30R. On the right edge, remove 15 P. Put off the loops (120 pieces), turn on another 120 P from the shelf on the right. The total 240P is closed, preserving the symmetry. Closed P in the final P from the sleeve. We proceed to unite the cardigan. For this gate (its inner edge) is sewn to the neck. Then moisten the knitting, straighten the pattern and dry.

Schemes and models of cardigan

Video: Cardigan with an openwork pattern