Carnival costume of Pinocchio with their own hands. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Carnival costume of Pinocchio with their own hands. Master class and video / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

The old fairy tale still reminds of itselfnot only for children. Moms on the eve of the holidays are preparing a bright suit of a brave merry fellow with a golden key in his hands. There are several variations of the costumes of Pinocchio. They differ, mainly, in the color range. In cartoons, a boy in a red jacket and blue shorts, in a movie - the orange color predominates. This is not so important, if you decided to sew a carnival costume of Pinocchio by yourself. The main thing is to repeat the basic details that distinguish it from other characters. Of course, this is a long nose, a cone-shaped hat with a pompon and a golden key. Although instead of it you can take the primer. Pinocchio

Material preparation

So, we reincarnate in the role of Pope Carlo and get down to work. First, we pick up the necessary material and determine the components of the carnival costume. We will work to create:

  • panties;
  • jackets;
  • collar;
  • pompon;
  • hats;
  • nose;
  • key.

Costume detailsWe need:

  • fabric of two contrasting colors for shorts and jackets for a boy;
  • striped material for tailoring the cap, preferably red-white;
  • white fabric for the collar;
  • elastic band for belt;
  • corpulent cardboard for nose;
  • white cardboard for the key;
  • any paint to paint the key;
  • white thread for the pompon.

Getting Started

At first glance, the work seems impossible andcomplicated. Too many patterns and materials. But the master of sewing business becomes absolutely unessential. Each mother will be able to make Buratino's costume. The main thing is not to leave work on the last night before the masquerade. Sewing masquerade clothes can be pretty quickly, but it's better to schedule the work for a few days.

  • We begin to make the first carnival detail - jackets. We make a pattern and transfer it to the fabric. Do not forget to make 1 cm allowance for seams.

Tip: If you are not very friendly with sewing, choose an easy-to-use fabric. Brilliant satin for the jacket replace with fleece. He does not pour in and it's easy to work with him.

  • Cut out the details and sew them. The jacket is almost ready.
  • The final detail is a wide white collar.
  • Make a string of pompon and decorate the collar.

Tip: You can sew one or more large buttons on the jacket, or you can cut them out of paper and glue them.

  • We transfer the pattern of shorts to the fabric. First you need to sew details along the sides. Then the upper edge is bent so that you can pass the gum.

Tip: If there was not a rubber band in the house, the shorts will stay the same on the shoestring.

  • Striped cap is made very simply. Cut out the triangle and stitch it. You decorate the headpiece with a pompon on the end.
  • If your child does not naturally have haircurl, make an imitation of wood shavings can be made of paper. Cut the strips and glue them to the edge of the hood. Do it neatly, to make homemade hair look like the original.
  • The nose is made of paper and we put it on with the help of rubber bands.
  • Cut out the key. He does not have to be small. The size should be such that the child was comfortable to wear it.
  • Draw a key on the cardboard and paint in yellow colors. Do not forget that the key is golden.

Tip: In order for the key to shine, as if it is actually poured from gold, wrap the cardboard template with golden foil. You can also make an adult carnival costume, for example, for a theatrical performance or masquerade. Ready suit

Useful ideas

It is not necessary to completely sew a carnival costumePinocchio. You can make only the basic elements - nose, hood, pompons, key. Shorts can be found in each boy's wardrobe. Also touches the shirt. A jacket will be replaced with a turtleneck and a vest. Not only the nose, but the hood, and the collar can be cut out of paper. Complementary carnival costume striped knee socks. Of shoes fit Czech. The image of Pinocchio will not be completed without a smile. To wear a suit is recommended only in a good mood. Then all around will be infected with the enthusiasm and fun of a familiar character.