Carnival costume of the princess, own hands, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Carnival costume of the princess, own hands, master class / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Not born yet in the world a girl who would notI wanted to dress up as a princess, dance at a ball in a luxurious fairy dress, feel like an oriental queen. Soon the New Year holidays and you have a great opportunity to give children a fairy tale of transformation. To do this, you just need to sew for them the costumes of the prince and the princess.

New Year's costume of a princess

In order to sew for the girl carnivalcostume of the princess with their own hands, it is necessary to choose a style, coordinating it with the future royal persona. Choose an image from the children's magazine and take it as a basis. Do not be afraid of difficulties. The main thing in this ball gown is a lush long skirt and jewelry on the bodice. We will need:

  • the old dress of the child, by which we will cut the outfit;
  • blue or pink fabric - 2 m;
  • white fabric - 1 m;
  • a beautiful inset on the front shelf;
  • elastic;
  • oblique bake;
  • velcro fastener
  • safety pins;
  • scissors, pencil, ruler.

New Year's costume of a princess

  • You need to take your girl's old dress and make a pattern on it on paper.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Cut the shelves on paper patterns, leaving allowances on the seams.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • The backrest pattern consists of two identical shelves. Leave 3 cm for velcro fastening or 1 cm for sewing a zipper.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • To make the outfit very beautiful, try to choose the most beautiful fabric, brocade, embroidered satin, lace, etc. for insertion on the front.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Sew the buckle on the back.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Measure the shoulder circumference of the girl and cut outcuffs. The shape of the sleeve is quick and easy. Draw it first on paper, just adding to the length of the cuff 3 cm and laying it on the sides 4 cm, and in the middle 10 cm. Connect the points with a smooth line and cut out the sleeves from the white fabric, stepping 1 cm from all sides to the seams.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Stitch the cuffs and sleeves, collecting small creases evenly. For convenience of assembly use English safety pins.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Sew the sleeves, also collecting the "extra" fabric with the help of English pins at the shoulder. After cleaning, remove the safety pins.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Now you can make a pattern of fold. Cut out of white fabric two ovals with a size of 60x50 cm.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Fold them in half on the short side and stitch, leaving 2 cm to unscrew the "bags". Sew them to the bodice along the bend line, slightly gathered, right and left at the waist.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

  • Sew from two rectangular panels a long wide skirt. The wider the pattern, the more luxurious the skirt will be.
  • Sew an elastic to it and thread with the bodice.
  • Turn the edges, process the scythebake. You can add a variety of decorative details. For example, a belt-belt tied with a lush bow from behind, or lace braid along the edge of the neck and insert. Children's carnival outfit for the girl is ready.
  • New Year's costume of a princess

    Eastern Princess Costume

    After the cartoon of Aladdin conqueredall the children's population of the planet, almost all the girls wanted at least a little like the beautiful Jasmine. Why not give the baby a dream, just sewing for her children's carnival costume of Princess Jasmine. It consists of a short topic that can be made from any beautiful blouse, cutting it from all sides and decorating with fringe, and trousers. They can be sewn from a beautiful translucent fabric. The photo shows the easiest way to cut pantsall in two parts. First, shake your trousers. Fold the detail along and stitch along the edge, starting from the top of the leg. Then connect the two parts along the step joint. Turn the edges and insert the elastic. Effectively looks an adult carnival costume on a charming busty girl. Adult attire can be made with a deep neckline and low waist. Do not forget that Jasmine had a thick long braid and a diadem. New Year's costume of a princess

    Princess Leia's costume and Aurora outfit

    Princess warrior, beautiful, strong, intelligent anddexterous. The ideal of many girls. She has an original hairstyle (two "donuts" above the ears) and a white long dress with slits. Both a children's and an adult costume consists of a dress, a bright wide belt at the waist with all kinds of rivets and a spectacular alien weapon. The costume of Princess Leia is easier to sew by other dresses of royal persons. The dress pattern is two long rectangles for the transfer and the backrest and two rectangles for the sleeves. Do not forget to make "headphones" from the braid. The adult or children's costume of Princess Aurora or the sleeping princess, as we used to call her, does not have so many characteristic recognizable elements. Therefore, you can sew it by any patterns. New Year's costume of a princessThe main thing is not to forget that before you go to sleep,she cooked, cleaned, engaged in housekeeping in the house of the heroes. Therefore, neither brocade, nor transparent chiffon is better not to use. Of course, before she was buried, the named brothers took off her apron and put a small crown on her head, but where they could take a chic court dress.

    Costume of the Princess Sofia

    This heroine of your favorite children's cartoons is easy to recognize by several signs.

  • She wears beautiful bright ornaments.
  • She has a small diadem on her head.
  • The dress of Sophia is magnificent violet with a relief hem and a characteristic pattern on it.
  • Sew such an outfit can be, after studying the master class presented above. Only skirts should be two. One purple with semicircular notches on the hem and pattern, and the second lower light and openwork.

    Princess Elsa's Costume

    Arrogant, cold, like a snow queen,The girl also likes our children. They are sure that a miracle will happen, and the beauty will be good. The dress should be in cool blue-blue tones with silvery ornaments. New Year's costume of a princessTo make a carnival costume Elsa, you cansew a simple straight (or year) long sarafan on thin straps. At the edge of the bodice (on the sides and back) sew the same long transparent loop. The pattern is given in 40-42 dimensions, but you can reduce or increase it according to your size. This arrogant princess did not wear a crown in the cartoon, but she would most likely wear a festive ball. Therefore, you can complement the outfit with a small shiny diadem.