Carpet of felt with your own hands

Carpet of felt with your own hands

The theme of rugs and rugs, made byhands, is quite popular, and the popularity of such handicrafts increases with the onset of the cold season. We offer an interesting idea how to make a beautiful and bright carpet of felt with your own hands. The technique of making such a rug can be compared with quilling - the art of creating compositions from twisted strips of paper. Only in our case we will use strips of felt or other material. carpet of felt

Materials for making a rug

In this master class as the mainmaterial used multi-colored strips of felt. But if you specifically buy felt or felt, you can imagine how much the creation of such a carpet will cost. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to other options that will reduce the cost of the craft, although, probably, the appearance will not be so bright and festive. Everything depends on the accuracy of the execution and the selection of colors. carpet weft So, instead of felt or felt, you cantry to take old thin blankets, for example, children's, jeans of different shades, woolen sweaters and jackets, demi-season coats. If you do not have your own unnecessary things, you can always buy them very cheaply in the second hand. Also need glue, ideally an adhesive gun.

Carpet of felt with your own hands: work progress

The size of the rug and the pattern depends only on your desire and imagination. A special charm of the carpet is given by the color solution of the used strips - a smooth gradient transition from one shade to another. material for creating a carpet of felt The very technology of creating a felt carpethands are simple, but requires patience. You have already prepared strips of material and even disassembled them in colors and shades. Also you have a glue gun, which in this case will work very conveniently. On the fabric, we apply a thin strip of glue and turn the strip into a small roll, which we continue to paste with a strip of a different color. New tape is glued exactly into the joint to the previous one. master-class carpet of felt by one's own hands we make a carpet with our own hands from felt master class how to make a carpet of felt with your own hands Such rolls will become the central round elements in the body of the finished carpet. carpet The pattern of the rug you can easily come up with yourself. Several round, oval and irregular shapes of elements of different sizes are joined together by glue, and the space between them is filled with the same felt strips. carpet of felt carpet carpet The result looks amazing! And here is a carpet made of old blankets. carpet from the blanket 02 carpet from a blanket This rug was made of different materials - a terry dressing gown, a woolen sweater and knitted t-shirts. carpet of fabric strips