Carving on soap. Soap with cinnamon "Happy Birthday!"

Carving on soap. Soap with cinnamon "Happy Birthday!"

Soap carving This soap is not only a special gift,since it is done by hand, it will also be a pleasant surprise, as it is a kind of postcard - inside this soap is a picture with the inscription “Happy Birthday”. I will tell you about how to make such a soap in my master class, where several techniques are described - carving of soap and placing images into it. And this soap is very fragrant due to the ground cinnamon contained in it.

For the preparation of soap with cinnamon and carving you will need:

80g of white soap base; 50g clear soapthe basics; water-soluble picture "Happy Birthday!"; red and blue pigments not migrating in soap; ground cinnamon; medical alcohol; rectangular plastic mold for soap; wand, scales and a small sharp knife. Materials and tools for cooking cinnamon soap and carving

Carving the soap "Happy Birthday": a master class

Cut the transparent base into small pieces. Transparent soap base Melt on a steam bath or in a microwave, checking every 10-15 seconds so that the base does not boil. Melted soap base Pour the liquid base into the form with a thin layer. If the base is overheated, then many small bubbles form on its surface. Festive soap with a water-soluble picture In order to get rid of the bubbles,You will need a special liquid to remove them or medical alcohol. In extreme cases, you can use vodka, but it helps much worse. Spray the soap base with alcohol from a spray bottle. Soap with a water-soluble picture Gently lay on a transparent basiswater-soluble picture so that it does not sink, and lay exactly on the surface. Sprinkle it with alcohol - it will help to better adhere to two layers of soap. Wait until the soap base has cooled, and put the form in the fridge for about 20 minutes. Soap birthday with their own hands After the first layer has hardened, cut 80g of white soap base in small pieces. How to make soap with cinnamon Melt the base in a convenient way for you. Soap carving: step by step instructions Add some cinnamon to this part of the soap for flavor. Cinnamon soap: a recipe with photos Pour a small amount of blue and red pigments into the cinnamon soap to make a lilac shade. Soap carving: step by step lessons Mix thoroughly. Everything must be done without delay, because the base quickly hardens. Carving on soap for beginners step by step Fill the lilac base on top of the water-soluble image. Let it freeze. Carving on soap: a master class with photos The most interesting part of the work is the following:

Soap carving

In order to decorate the top layer of soap,let's cut a rosette on it - the art of cutting beautiful forms is called carving. Soap with cinnamon is not yet removed from the form, so as not to mash it. Using a sharp knife in the middle, we make three small indentations, then a small arc that encloses the holes by one third. Excess soap while cleaning on the edge of the form. Carving from soap for beginners Next, cut two more arcs so that one end of each is closer to the three grooves, and the other - a little further. Carving soap: a master class for beginners In a similar way, we begin to cut out four larger arcs. One side of each petal should be under the next one. Petals seem to overlap. Soap with cinnamon do it yourself After the rosette is cut, remove all the “mohras” with a knife, then smooth out the sharp corners with your finger. Soap carving: master class Now remove the cinnamon soap from the mold. Cut the twigs around the rose. Along the perimeter of the knife make a thread and smooth it with your fingers. On this carving can be considered complete. Cinnamon Soap Soap can be put in a transparent gift box. Your cinnamon soap card is ready. Cook as well. Birthday soap Boginya specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: