Bead case for phone circuit: master class (photo)

Bead case for phone circuit: master class (photo)


Stores that sell accessories forMobile phones, offer different options for covers. But, still you want some kind of exclusivity, so that no one has any such cover. In this case, you can weave it from the beads. The master class and schemes that will be in this article will help you make a unique case in a single copy.

Knitting technology

In this master class, we want to show you how you can tie a case for the phone with your own hands. Prepare the materials that you will need at work:

  • Cotton threads of any color;
  • hook;
  • One hundred gram of beads, which will match the color of the thread;
  • Beaded needle.

Having picked up two kinds of beads in the same color scheme, mix it in a shallow container.

Then, type the prepared andMixed beads. To simplify the working process, use a special bead needle. Thread the thread into the eye of the needle and make a knot at the end. Then pull the other end of the thread through the loop.

Then go on to sewing pebbles. We recommend you to stripe all the beads at once, so that you do not have to go back to this work again. Moreover, then it will be more difficult to do. After such manipulations, you should get a long thread with beads typed on it. Move the glass pieces as far as possible to leave a gap, which at first will be crocheted.

First of all, we begin to knit a chain ofAir loops without beads. Periodically try on knitting to the phone. Then go to knit crochet without a crochet. As a result, you will get the bottom of the future cover for the phone, as demonstrated in the photo.

In the new working stage, we begin
. Knit the columns without a crochet so that in eachLooping beads. Move the glass almost in front of the workpiece blank. Knit the buttonhole behind the beads. So at you it will turn out, that you do a preparation from an underside. Your main material will be on the front side. During the weaving try to tighten the buttonholes tightly from the wrong side, then your beads will not fail.

Continue knitting in such a pattern. Periodically try on the workpiece to your mobile.

The last row of columns without nakidov, performed without the use of beads, only one thread. If you want, you can tie the cover with an openwork pattern.

Lesson weaving

Case for beads for phone circuit will beAre presented in this lesson. You will need seventy grams of scarlet beads, still useful black and white. Also prepare a bead in the shape of a heart. This case will be performed according to the scheme given in the article, in the technique of "brick stitch". The pattern will be created on the grid, in which the beads should be placed in a staggered form. The product will consist of two sections: front and rear with a valve.

Such a method of weaving will make the product withThe best tightening on the whole form of the phone. Valve you can make a different kind of length and width. Since it is not only a functional accessory, but also a decor.
During the time you wander the firstStrip, you have the opportunity to adjust the size, that is, increase or decrease the number of beads in the row. To facilitate the lifting of the part, while weaving the pattern, leave the side rows without a pattern. If the size of your phone at the top is increased, then to make the expansion, use large-scale beads in height. Guided by the proposed scheme, weave the rows one by one.

When you finish the weaving, it will be necessaryThe product is sewn on the sides, as shown in Figure No. 10. For reliability, sew the cover several times. Now you only need to sew a bead and make a loop for fastening. That's all, the original case for the phone is ready!

Video: Learning how to weave a cover