Phone case for crochet

Phone case for crochet

Crochet phone case Phone casecrochet - the best gift that you can do with your own hands. Especially for lovers of uniqueness master class phone case hook. And today we will do this very useful thing for a mobile phone - a cover. To crochet a regular phone case without special patterns is quite simple, and the benefits of it are invaluable - the display is less scratched, and the service time increases accordingly. In addition, cases often make bright, beautiful and visible - the phone is easier to find among the variety of "stuff" in your purse. ? If you make a pen, you can carry it in your hand without losing it. The crocheted phone case is not only comfortable, but also stylish, especially if you make it using a beautiful pattern. As well as phone cases crocheted can give loved ones. This will be a very nice gift that will delight with its appearance for many years. And for you, this saving is often not an extra penny to the family budget. You and I will crochet the phone case using the newly studied pattern: "Openwork".

Crochet phone case is stylish and cheap

On the eve of holidays, there is always a question aboutgifts for relatives and friends. Let's consider our savings, in case you tie a phone case with your own hands using a hook or order from a master. For example, to order a phone case made with ordinary columns without crochet costs from 200 to 300 rubles. A cover with a unique pattern or ornaments will cost you 500-1000 rubles. You will spend about 70-100 rubles on a yarn for making a phone cover with a hook. If you already have a hook, then it is + to save, and if it is not, then a maximum of 50-60 rubles will be added to the costs. One skein of yarn is enough for 3-4 covers, i.e. tie all the phones of the same family. If you order the most simple monochrome covers for 3-4 people, it will cost 600-1200 rubles, and if you link them to 70-160 rubles. If you order a cover for a phone with a pattern, it will come out in a good amount of 2000-4000 rubles. If you use the lesson in front of you and tie the cover to the pattern yourself, it will cost the same 70-160 rubles. Even if you buy different yarn for all 4 cases, the cost will be much lower than 280-460 rubles. Here is a saving! Rather, learn the master class! Please all loved ones with unique gifts! ? So, before you Master Class A crochet phone case. 1. We will need: - the phone itself; - yarn, I have Semenov yarn Test 14; - hook under the selected yarn, I have 2.5; - needle with a wide eye; - scissors. 2. We do 3. We execute a chain from. The number of loops should be a multiple of 4 + do two more loops. We attach a chain to the phone and depending on the thickness of the phone, see how much the chain will be longer than the width of the phone. I have a phone thickness of about 1 cm, taking into account its thickness and multiplicity of four, I tied a chain of 16 loops + 2, which was almost a cm more than the width of the phone 4. First row. Fill the chain in accordance with 5. After we knit the pattern to the end of the chain, we do the following: we make a chain of 3 air loops 6. To rotate, knit a knob of 3 loops and 3 nakida in the same loop, into which the crochet column is knitted 7. Air loop and do a single crochet into the same loop, but on the other side of the chain 8. Three air loops and knob in the same loop as the single crochet 9. We continue to knit in accordance with the pattern on this side of the chain. It is no longer necessary to count, every fourth loop will fall in the same place as on the other side of the chain and every knob will be reflected 10. Reaching the edge we stop on a column without nakida. We carry out three air loops 11. Knit the knob in the same loop as the single crochet. 12. We connect using a connecting loop by sticking a hook into a loop above the first column without a single crochet 13. The result is such an oval Found what you were looking for! Remember the link using the buttons of bookmarks or social networks located below! The necessary information should always be at hand! ? Distribution of knitting lessons for beginners: Your e-mail: * Your name: * Share in social. networks Publish to LiveJournal</a> Navigation by records

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  • Alla_1949: I liked the MK very detailed and clear Thank you!
  • Irina: Nothing is clear. 2 hours picking, nothing happened. This is knitting in a circle, or something!
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