Cat with cork, wire and thread

Cat with cork, wire and thread

Here you can make such a pretty cat with your own hands from ordinary wooden plugs from champagne and colored threads. Cat with cork and thread For production you will need:

  • The whole cork.
  • Half of the cork.
  • Metal wire.
  • The thread is yellow and black.

To begin with, we prepare the plugs and make them the blanks to be shaped. kotik-iz-probok-i-nitok-02 kotik-iz-probok-i-nitok-03 Then through the round workpiece we pass the wire as shown in the figure, after which the bent end is also inserted into the plug. It is desirable to pre-treat it with glue to better hold. Cat with cork and thread After completely wrap the cork with a yellow thread. Cat with cork and thread At the next stage we prepare the cat's body, in particular, using wire, we make paws and tail. kotik-iz-probok-i-nitok-06 kotik-iz-probok-i-nitok-07 We wrap the resulting body with a thread and connect it with the head using wire. All the cocktail is ready! Cat with cork and thread It remains to draw his mustache and mouth, paste itears, eyes, nose and mustache. For this you can use whatever you want. For example, a mustache can be made from fishing line, eyes from beads, and ears glued from paper or made of wire. Cat with cork and thread