Catching carp on a potato

Catching carp on a potato

Catching carp on a potatoPotatoes are quite attractiveA delicacy not only for carp and carp, but also for some other fish. It becomes especially appetizing when combined with other products, including sweeteners and flavorings. There are a lot of recipes for making potato tips, however, in most water bodies, not all work, so you need to experiment and find suitable under the season and place of catching options. Catching carp on potatoes boiled in plain water The simplest and most popular way of catching carp for potatoes is using boiled tubers. Potatoes should be cooked until it begins to poke a match, then immediately pulled out of the water and spread on a plank to make the tubers cool and do not soften from a long stay in the water. It is important to achieve a golden mean so that the potato does not fall apart, but it is not too hard, otherwise it will crumble when cast, or the fish will not be able to eat it elementary. Welded tubers are cut into small cubes, or pieces of a different shape. For this, it is convenient to use a tube or a syringe with a cut-off bottom. Finished pieces are planted by analogy with boilies. For greater efficiency, polystyrene balls are placed between pieces of potatoes, this allows the bait not to sink in the silt and is at a certain distance from the bottom. Catching carp on mashed potatoes Sometimes a carp eats a porridge made on the basis of potatoes more than chunks of boiled tubers. This is due to the addition of additional elements in the nozzle, and in a fundamentally different way of catching. How to cook potato porridge:

  • Potatoes are boiled in a uniform, peeled and grated.
  • In the resulting mass is added a little salt and sugar (with proportions you need to experiment, on average it is a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt for 3-4 potatoes).
  • Salted and sweetened potatoes are mixed with flour (it is necessary to give the mixture a consistency of a thick dough), then it is collected in a dense lump and cooked.

When cooking, put a ball in the form of a ball is necessary inBoiling water, and not in the cold. For convenience, you can put a lump in a bag and cook it. The cooking time is 20-30 minutes, sometimes more, it all depends on the proportions, sorts of potatoes and other things (readiness will eventually learn to determine "by eye"). In the mashed potatoes you can add honey instead of sugar. You can also experiment with different flavors. Catch the carp on mashed potatoes with the use of springs and feed gear, pushing the gruel onto the hooks and adding to the feeders. Fried potatoes There is an opinion that fish from the family of carp are good for fried potatoes, as well as for chips made at home. It's hard to say anything about this, because you did not have to use these nozzles or observe how other anglers use them. But, probably, it is worth trying, because cooking potatoes is very simple, and it is not so expensive as boilies and other specialized nozzles. It will be useful:

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