Cats made of salt dough with their own hands, master class, kitten, cat-magnet / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Cats made of salt dough with their own hands, master class, kitten, cat-magnet / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

A cat from a salted dough is a cute accessory forhouse, which perfectly fits into any situation. Despite the fact that the process of molding a cat from a salted dough seems simple, it has many subtleties that you need to consider when creating the figures yourself. To get acquainted with the subtleties of the process, pay attention to the master classes that will help you in creating small masterpieces.

Master-class modeling of a kitten from a salted dough

To make a base, try to fashion a shape,which will look like a soft chair with a smooth curve. The tip of the lower part should be carefully divided into two parts - these will be the front legs. Next, they need to be connected so that the bend is noticeably. To create claws on the front paws, you need to glue the two balls and flatten. Needles need to divide the half of the ball into three parts. The balls should be attached to the front legs. Cat from salted doughThe cat's head should be a three-dimensionalA ball that will be placed on the top of the front legs. To make the ears, you need to fashion two triangles. The eyes and nose should be in the form of balls. To create a region from which the antennae will protrude, you need to make two flattened circles a little larger than the nose and stick them to the right and left of it. Antennae can be in the form of pieces of wire or fishing line. The tail should start from the top of the base and lie on it so that only its tip rises. To mold this part of the body of the cat needs in the form of a sausage, which narrows to the tip. The final stage is to make two sausages that will be the hind legs. We have them so that they start from the bottom of the tail and end near the middle of the trunk. Claws do the same as on the front paws. Cat from salted dough-2The last item of the master class - after the cat is ready, it can be painted even with ordinary watercolor.

Molding a cat-magnet

To make a magnet in the form of a cat with your own hands,you need a salty dough, paints, glue, cardboard and a flat magnet. All the details should be bulky, but slightly flattened. It will be easier if you start from the base and attach individual parts to it. When the figure is ready and painted, you can cover it with a colorless varnish when the dye dries. You need to put a ready figure on the cardboard, traverse its base, cut it out of cardboard and paste it To it. To complete the process it is necessary to fix the magnet to the cardboard. The magnet magnet

Master-class on creating a picture with a figure of salted dough with your own hands

We take snow-white cardboard and draw on itcat. We make details which will correspond to the drawing, and glue them on the cardboard with glue. Draw only the outlines. If it suits you, you can draw a seal on a separate sheet of paper, so as not to forget to fashion some of its parts. Picture from salted doughBefore you paint the cat itself, you needto do drawing on cardboard. You can display anything on it. The main thing is for the cat to finish the composition beautifully. Cover with a colorless lacquer follows only it.