Cube tunnel, patterns and patterns: winter, spring, romantic / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Cube tunnel, patterns and patterns: winter, spring, romantic / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A paper, or book, tunnel is a subspeciesEnglish handmade paper crafts. It is also often called a paper cube or a tunnel. Cubes can act as an excellent gift to a loved one on February 14 or an interesting element of the interior. Also the product can be used as a cute postcard. For its manufacture, precision and accuracy are required, since such an article contains many small details.

Tunnel "Romantic mood"

To make a cube-tunnel "Romantic mood" will require:

  • Thick colored paper.
  • Glue-pencil or joiner's glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter with sharp end from the set for wood carving.
  • Having prepared all the necessary tools and materials, you can start working. The cube is going so:

  • First of all, you need to decide on the colors. They can be matched exclusively to the taste of the master. Usually two are used: the main one - for the walls of the cube and the secondary one - for the inner layers of the "book". For example, orange sheets of dark and light shades were taken.
  • First you need to prepare the inner layerspaper. The tunnel will consist of five layers, three of which will be internal. Therefore, squares with sides of 10 or 15 cm are delineated on lighter sheets. It is also necessary to draw a drawing that will later be cut out. To the top faces you need to paint stripes a width of a centimeter, they will be needed when assembling.
  • MK cube tunnel romantic step 1

  • After the drawing work, you can proceedcutting. To do this, you first need to cut out squares with scissors. Then cut out the background. To do this, you need a special cutter. Its edge must be sharp so that it does not tear the paper. A few minutes of painstaking work, and in the end should get such images:
  • MK cube tunnel romantic step 2

  • Practically the same is done with paperprimary color. But unlike the previous type of work, here it is necessary to make a drawing only on the front and back walls. In this case, one of them should be connected to the center of the strip with a height of 10 (15) cm, and a width of 30 (45) cm. It will be the lid and sides of the cube. Strips for bonding should be on the side faces. Also, it is additionally necessary to cut out a solid square without a pattern with lines for gluing on all four sides.
  • MK cube tunnel romantic step 3

  • But before gluing it is recommended to walk on allbend lines so that the assembly is not very painful. Bend all the places for gluing together, as well as the places of connection of the front wall with the lid and the sides of the cube.
  • It remains only to collect all the details. First, the inner parts are glued to the middle of the strip from the base color at equal distances. It should be ensured that they are parallel to the front wall.
  • MK cube tunnel romantic step 4

  • Then the bottom part is glued, which is a one-piece square with four strips for gluing together. To her and to the top is attached the back wall of the "book".
  • At the final stage, the sides of the cube are closed by gluing the edges of the main color strip to the front, back and bottom parts of the cube.
  • As a result, you get a small fairy-tale cube, which does not even need to be adorned. If you look inside - you can see a multi-layered picture. MK cube tunnel romantic step 5

    Cube "Spring"

    There is an alternative way of making a cube of paper. It will require all the same materials. The difference lies in the technology of manufacturing. How to make:

  • As in the first case, you can choose different colors, and you can make a one-tone hand-made article.
  • All internal squares are cut out the same way as in the first case, but the lines for gluing will be somewhat larger.
  • MK cube tunnel spring step 1

  • The outer squares are cut out separately andshould have four strips for gluing together. From the paper of the main color, you also need to cut out a strip of width equal to the side of the square, and length - in its four sides.
  • MK cube tunnel spring step 2

  • Now all the details are cut out the same way as in the first instruction.
  • The gluing is done layer by layer. First, the front part is glued to the edge of the strip by the bottom part, and so on to the back wall. Then the tops of all the details on which there is a picture are held together by glue.
  • The last process is the closing of the walls and the upper part by bending and gluing the strip.
  • MK cube tunnel spring step 3This form a little simplifies the assembly. If we talk about the drawing - then it can be absolutely anything, it all depends on the preferences of a particular master. For example, there are such types of tunnels as:

  • Cube-tunnel of paper "Winter".
  • Three-dimensional postcard on a winter theme

  • New Year's cube-tunnel "Girl with Squirrel".
  • Christmas Greeting CardAs a basis for the material, master classes were taken from Zulfiya Dadashova and Anna Ischenko. See similar master classes: