Chickens from beads, weaving patterns. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Chickens from beads, weaving patterns. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A wonderful souvenir and a gift for Easter canto become cute bright chickens from beads. They can decorate the interior of the house for the holiday or make a thematic installation in the basket on the table next to the painted eggs and a delicious cake.

How to prepare for work?

Chickens, like any other figure from beads,are flat and voluminous. It is very simple to weave a flat craft. Following the technique of parallel weaving, detailed and understandable diagrams and lessons on video, you can quickly and easily make an amusing application in the form of a chicken or embroider it with beads on canvas. With voluminous figures it will be a little more difficult, but if you put a little effort and diligence, then your efforts will be rewarded with a remarkable result. As a rule, chickens weave from beads of yellow orwhite flowers, you can also take and orange (for the beak and legs). You can make eyes from black beads, or you can use special eyes for toys. You will also need:

  • needles for beadwork;
  • Fishing line;
  • very strong thread (can nylon);
  • filler (it is better hollofayber);
  • sequins or other ornaments;
  • the basis for braiding (a wooden or plastic egg, a rubber ball - if you use this method of production).

Chick-chuck-chicken, my chickens ...

Volumetric chickens can be done in different ways. For example, weave an entire body and head in the technique of mosaic weaving and fill the figure with a holofiber, and then add the missing details-the scallop, paws, tail and decorate the muzzle (first attach the white sequins, and black beads to them, then make the beak). You can weave and do otherwise. You just need to choose some suitable basis for braiding. This will be the torso of your chicken, which you need to braid with beads (to make it easier, take larger beads). For this stage, the technique of manual weaving or "brick" stitch is usually used. The larger the size of the backbone, the bigger the finished figure will be. To the resultant ball it will be necessary to add a scallop, wings and legs and finish the muzzle. And if you make several such chickens, and they are weaved with a chicken and a cockerel, you get a whole feathered family that will perfectly decorate the Easter holiday or become an original gift.