Children's paper crafts by September 1

Children's paper crafts by September 1

September 1 is an exciting day for everyone.schoolchild, especially if the child is in primary school. When preparing your baby for the new school year, make fun and creative paper crafts by September 1st. One of them can be presented to your beloved teacher or class teacher - it is up to the student to decide. Arrange a home workshop where they createoriginal gizmos with the benefit of learning. This helps the child better adapt to school discipline and lessons. It is more pleasant and calmer to sit in the lesson if there is a homemade pen next to which a schoolboy made with his mother or a beautiful bookmark that dad helped to colorize. The article tells about the most interesting and useful paper crafts by September 1. Content

List of the best paper fakes for kids

Have fun with your child and benefit. Prepare it for the school year so that the school is not associated with tedious lessons. Arrange a master class at home, invite friends with the kids and craft paper crafts. This helps strengthen friendships between classmates, because the microclimate in the classroom is very important. You will need simple and inexpensive appliances, household items and tools. The main thing is to turn on fantasy. Such joint activities have a positive effect on family relationships. Connect your dad to classes, then the child will get a lot of emotions from home gatherings with parents not in front of the TV, but for an interesting hobby that develops useful skills and motor skills. Nowadays, children have fun on tablets andcomputers, not knowing about simple activities where you can create unique things with your own hands. Introduce your child to creativity using our craft list. It will be exciting and fun. Parents can awaken talent and abilities, develop concentration and perseverance, which are very important during the lessons at school. You do not need to buy expensive material for work. You will need only improvised tools and stationery. Good luck

  • Greeting card to class teacher.
  • Let's start with the simplest. Connect your imagination to make an original postcard with your own hands. Help your child come up with an idea and then implement it. Let it cut out details from colored paper, paint it with felt-tip pens or gently stick paper figures - it all depends on the idea. After presenting the presentation to the class teacher, the student can hold a master class for classmates - a fun and exciting event. You will need to buy thick colored cardboard, paper for children's creativity, felt-tip pens, glue. Paper card for September 1

  • Bookmark for textbooks
  • Children constantly use textbooks duringlessons and homework, so a beautiful and unique bookmark always pleases the eye. Invite the children to make a bookmark with their own hands - the craft is easy, so they can cope with the creative task without problems. The idea can be spied on the Internet. You need cardboard, colored paper, pencils, glue and scissors. Girls can buy sparkles. Textbook paper bookmark

  • Bouquet of corrugated paper
  • On the Day of Knowledge it is customary to give bouquetsteachers, but they quickly wither and go to the trash. The original solution is to collect your bouquet with corrugated paper. Help your son or daughter create an unusual present for the class teacher. Buy paper and glue, and the rest depends on imagination and zeal. Bouquet for teacher from paper for September 1

  • Stationery stand
  • An irreplaceable thing on the table - stand withstationery supplies. Prepare cardboard, glue, colored paper or special scrapbooking kits with beautiful patterns and designs. Make a box out of hard cardboard, the bottom will have to be heavier, eliminating the fall of the craft due to the preponderance of pens and pencils. Decorate it and decorate to your taste.

  • Photo frame
  • The school always takes photos on September 1,therefore, it is important to prepare a paper frame using thick cardboard. Insert a photo of the class into the finished fake and present to the teacher. You can leave the second frame at home or give it to someone from your classmates in honor of friendship for a long memory, because school years are a magical time. Making a paper frame

  • Classroom window decoration
  • September is the autumn season, so it will be appropriatedecorate a class of children with paper leaves. Cut them in different sizes and shapes, paint to natural shades and glue on the windows. It looks beautiful and creates comfort in the office. Leaf window decoration on paper

  • Paper Pencil Souvenir
  • At the beginning of the school year after a long break inSummer break classmates are happy to meet each other. If your kid has friends in the classroom, you can prepare an unusual paper surprise for them. Prepare bright colored material and glue. Gift wrapping can be in the form of a large pencil to put simple pencils or pens inside. Craft with a gift inside will delight any child on September 1. The main thing is to make the packaging as beautiful and bright as possible. If you make a souvenir for girls, you can use ribbons, sequins, sequins, colored tape. Prepare a cardboard tube where you will need to place a gift. The finished case will look interesting and creative. And most importantly, this is done by yourself! Gift wrapping paper case for September 1

  • School bell
  • The first bell sounds on September 1, somake a bell from colored paper and ribbons that can be hung in your office. The craft is easy to do, so even a child can handle it. It is necessary to cut a cardboard in the form of a bell. Glue the ribbon in the form of a bow on the base of the bell. Paper school bell

  • Textbook Cover
  • Help your Dunno protect textbooks fromdirt during the school year. Children constantly dirty their hands and touch notebooks and books, spoil their appearance. A sturdy cardboard cover helps protect your books from stains. You can come up with an original idea together. It can be on the subject of a school subject, for which a textbook is used, or simply decorate with beautiful patterns of paper. Make an interesting and unusual application. We are sure that classmates will appreciate the creativity of their neighbor at the desk. You can make covers for friends of your Pochemuchki. Homemade paper covers for textbooks

  • Folder for abstracts
  • Buy thick cardboard at the stationery store, andalso a set of scrapbooking paper. Invite the student to make a folder for essays with their own hands. Cardboard must be bought with sheets of A4 format so that the abstract fits perfectly into the folder and the corners do not crumple. You can decorate it with an application, as well as write your name and class, stick a photo. Master class: how to make a stand for pens in the shape of a cat Engaging in creativity with your child is the best time you can think of together. We offer to arrange a creative evening at home, to craft a craft in the form of a cat for stationery. The child will enjoy doing interesting things, as well as making a useful attribute on the student’s desk. Need to cut parts for crafts from colorpaper For work you will need: cardboard box, colored paper, glue, scissors, ribbon, patience and imagination. First, make a stand out of the box. It can be a box of juice, milk, sweets and the like. It should be empty, strong and without damage. Tape it with black paper. This must be done carefully. When everything is ready, get down to work on the details. Cat head for crafts. Draw ears, paws,kitten nose and eyes. It is also necessary to cut the tail of the animal from thick cardboard. Glue a white piece of paper on the tip of the tail, as if we have a black and white cat. If you wish, you can choose other colors for the animal - it all depends on your mood and inspiration. The tail must be glued to the box on the side. Can be gently secured with tape. Ready stand for pens made of cardboard and paperLook for a small piece of ribbon at home to stick a collar for your cat. Now you need to make a head. Find a round object to circle and cut. The head will be perfectly flat. Glue the ears, nose and mustache, eyes to it. If you can’t do this in the form of an application, draw in gouache. To prevent the craft from turning over from the severity of stationery, put a couple of pebbles at the bottom. It will become heavier and will not fall. It’s convenient to put pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, sharpener, erasers and other small things in such an craft. The list of crafts can be continued, if you do not limit yourself only to paper. We hope that our article helped to find interesting ideas for home leisure before the start of the school year.

    Photo crafts on September 1

    You can do any other crafts,for example, pencils and other writing utensils, garlands with which to decorate the classroom, paper bouquets for teachers on September 1, and much more. Here are a couple more ideas: Crafts from pencils by September 1 Children's paper crafts by September 1 Class decor by September 1 Also recommend viewing:

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