Choose a mirror in the hallway: tips for decor and increase the space (50 photos)

Choose a mirror in the hallway: tips for decor and increase the space (50 photos)

The mirror in the hallway is a critical iteminterior, because we involuntarily pay attention to it when we go into the apartment, and we look in the mirror when leaving the house to check if everything is in order in our appearance. In addition to its purpose in terms of practical application, the mirror in the hallway can solve a number of other problems. The hallways of most apartments in our country are small in size. In this situation, the mirrors are able to visually expand the surrounding space. In combination with other interior items, the mirror can perform a decorative function, be the main emphasis in the interior of the hallway or complete the design composition. Choose a mirror in the hallway: tips for decor and increase space + photoChoose a mirror in the hallway: tips for decor and increase space + photo Content

    Mirrors in the hallway, expanding the space

    One of the most common options for suchmirrors are built-in canvases of mirrors in the doors of wardrobes. In this case, the larger and longer the cabinet, the stronger the effect of the visual expansion of the hallway will be. Mirrors integrated in the doors of the wardrobeMirrors integrated in the doors of the wardrobevertical mirrors, allowing you to see yourself in full growth, visually increase the space in height. This is especially true for low ceilings. Such mirrors are very convenient from a practical point of view. You can always look yourself up and down before you go out. Vertical canvases of mirrors are mounted on the walls, or installed on the front door. Vertical mirror on the wallVertical mirror on the wall An important pointIt is that the mirrors located on the corners of the hallway or opposite the entrance to the room visually expand the room doubly, since not only a parallel wall but also the surrounding hallway enters their reflection area. If the mirror is installed opposite the window, then additional lighting will be reflected in the hallway, and if indoor plants are reflected in the mirror, this will give the hallway aesthetics.

    Horizontal mirrors in the hallway

    Horizontal mirrors visually expand the walls,but not recommended for low ceilings. They are often installed above shoe shelves, bedside tables for accessories or in niches. Traditionally horizontal mirrors have a rectangular or oval shape. Such mirrors fit perfectly into the interior in a minimalist style. Horizontal mirrors can be either in a frame or without a frame. Horizontal mirror in frameHorizontal mirrors in a frame Frameless horizontal mirrorFrameless horizontal mirror

    Floor stationary mirrors in a hall

    Floor mirrors are largeMirror paintings inserted in a massive decorated frame. These mirrors are placed on the floor with a support on the wall and fit perfectly into the interior of the spacious hallways. Its effectiveness is visually evaluated from a distance of several meters.

    Floor mobile mirrors in a hall

    Such mirrors have forged, wooden ormetal base fasteners. The mirror sheet itself traditionally has a rectangular or oval shape. There is a wide range of models of such mirrors, many of them bilateral and rotating. There are also universal models, which are both a mirror and a hanger for outerwear, or a mirror and a shoe stand. Outdoor mirrors are very practical. They can be put in various places of the room, changing the interior.

    Hallway mirror finish

    This finish is suitable for lovers of the looking glass andreflective surfaces. Mirror decoration can decorate the ceiling by means of paintings in the form of tiles, or place a mirror cloth on the entire wall. In combination with a properly organized backlight, this finish looks very impressive and doubles the hallway. Hallway wall decoration with a mirror canvasHallway wall decoration with a mirror canvas

    Mirrors as elements of a decor of a hall

    Decorative mirrors are used for decorationhallway. They should be in harmony with the idea of ​​the interior of the hallway and its stylistic features. It is important to consider what interior items will surround the mirror. Indeed, the beauty of a mirror lies not in the mirror canvas itself, but in its reflection. Often, as a decor of the interior of the hallwayuse whole design compositions from mirrors. In this case, all the mirrors of the composition should have a common feature, for example, have the same frames in texture, but different sizes, or the same sizes, but different shapes. A beautiful elegant mirror can also become the main accent in the interior of the hallway, capturing the admiring glances of guests. In order to emphasize all the beauty andthe elegance of the mirror, and with it the whole hallway, it is important to think through the lighting around it. It is desirable that this be a separate local lighting. All kinds of lamps, wall sconces, spotlights for mirrors located in niches or on the doors of sliding wardrobes will create a unique shining glow, and the hallway will look rosy and impressive. Elvira Goleva for Do you like the article? Share on social networks!